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How to select the paper mill high quality horizontal diesel steam boiler and boiler different general, steam boiler is a very efficient energy conversion devices, input energy to the boiler after, transformation fuel chemical energy conversion between electrical energy is a very common way of First, the conversion of high-temperature flue gas, is a more effective use of elements of steam boilers, pay attention to these requirements point of view, now choose a suitable steam boiler, the effect itself is rational lies. From the degree of heating of the product, and now the election of steam boilers practical effect is very clear, based on the conversion of thermal energy, and improve the steam plant now, people now demand for heat continues to be improved, including the power generation process, now mechanical energy into electrical energy is concern the market now. On the provision of hot water steam boilers, steam boilers now choose not simply be used in life, industry, steam boilers also have very good results, and this is choose the right specific requirements of steam boilers, strictly speaking, industrial production a suitable use of the market, you need to pay attention to the safety of the boiler, in the aspects of power plant or shipbuilding, competitive enterprises is quite clear where. Note steam boiler heating process, now selected the paper mill steam boiler itself is to heat, evaporation, not only in the heat effect is relatively high, even in principle, on the general use of safe design, the advantages are constantly upgrading. Now pay attention to the election security steam boilers, combined with subsequent use of fuel at the time, pay attention to the requirements of the material.

V. Installation piping, valves, instruments and accessories

1, the instrument installation should be verified, be installed in the piping, valves, instrumentation drawings, energize the electric pump commissioning.

2, the safety valve should be installed after the hydrostatic test, the safety valve should be installed exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe should be through the outdoor security. Exhaust pipe should be installed in the bottom of the drainage pipe connected to a place of safety. Valve shall be installed on the exhaust pipe and drainage pipe.

3, each of the sewage outfall should be connected to tank or other security, the pipe should be secured to prevent shifting or counter the occurrence of injuries blowdown.

4, the main pipe by the use of units other than the mating valve, the pipeline need to consider the thermal expansion, thermal insulation pipe wall should be.

5, the dial face pressure gauge should be correct, depending on the ease of reading and rinsing; draw red dial face, the boiler shown MAWP, rotating flexible plug should not be leaking, to smooth hydrophobic Table pipe insulation prohibited.

6, only for the manufacturer pipe valve instrument (within the range shown) or the like, the other parts of the users themselves straight pipe. If you have not ordered instrument valves, the factory produced only manufacturer to install non-national standard parts required.

Petroleum coke is an opportunity fuel due to its high carbon and energy content it appeared to be an ideal fuel for CFB technology. The multi-fuel CFB boilers designed for both coal and petcoke are an interesting alternative allowing a plant to operate at high efficiency and economy. The CFB technology provides customer-tailored solutions for utility scale and industrial size boilers.

Recently, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, has released the main points of pollution prevention and control in 2019, set specific targets and implement measures to control emissions of persistent pollutants SO2, NO2, to reduce the number of aspects such as severe pollution days.

1, continued to promote the total coal consumption control. Strictly implement the coal consumption reduction, equivalent alternative policy requirements. Continue to implement the monitoring and early warning mechanism to control the total amount of coal, coal consumption for the counties (cities, districts) were scheduled monthly, quarterly analysis, forecasting and early warning and timely release. Refined coal decomposition control mission objectives to ensure the completion of the annual total coal consumption control tasks.

2, strengthen renewable energy development and utilization. Actively promote wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and other renewable energy sources, promotion of power generation, industrial and residential heating and other heating applications. Achieve renewable energy consumption accounted for the proportion of primary energy consumption of more than 15%.

3, continue to promote the management of coal-fired boilers. The existing 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, according to ranking policy before the end of 2019 included in the phase-out plan. The inclusion of out of range, to ensure that out of the task before the end of 2020.

4, the implementation of low NOx combustion gas boiler reconstruction. To 2020 basically completed the transformation of low-NOx combustion as the goal, listing the existing inventory ledger gas boiler, to determine the transformation of an object, complete renovation in 2019 total about 50%. After transformation of NOx emission in principle higher than 50mg / m3. Achieve a stable concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions rebuilt 30mg / m3 or less (that is, ultra-low NOx combustion requirements) can be appropriate priority in provincial subsidies make up ecological civilization prize funds.

5, continue to promote clean coal. Strengthen clean coal production, supply, construction and distribution system, and continue to improve the implementation of the subsidy policy, to ensure the timely distribution in place to protect the people warm winter. Bulk coal market to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of law enforcement, the implementation of three coal detection mechanism to prevent inflow of low-quality bulk coal, clean coal to ensure quality standards. 2019, on the basis of full coverage in clean coal, continue to promote clean coal.

6, strengthen high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban construction. Combustion zone ban, a ban on new or expanded high-polluting fuel burning facilities have been built to the deadline to switch to clean energy. Investigate and punish illegal construction, expansion and high-polluting fuel facilities are not completed within the prescribed period rectification behavior. Ban on burning coal for a total ban on the circulation area.

7, continue to promote clean heating transformation. To proceed from reality, should the electric power, gas should the gas, the coal should be coal, should be hot is hot, warm winter to ensure the safety of the masses. Accelerate the pace of production, supply and storage of natural gas marketing system construction and gas storage facilities, improve air support capabilities. To develop multi-gas source, priority for clean heating, ensure safe and stable gas. Strengthen heating, gas facilities construction, expanding the central heating, gas, geothermal heating coverage. Accelerate the clean heating renovation project, before November 15, 2019 to complete the annual task of transformation goals. Complete power-generation coal, gas and other clean coal generation of heating transformation of the region, a total ban on bulk coal sales, to prohibit the sale and hoarding bulk coal, bulk coal to prevent the re-burning.

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