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(13)Maintenance of oil-fired boilersDry maintenance method: after the oil-fired boiler shut down, put away the furnace water, thoroughly remove the internal dirt, rinse clean, dry in the furnace with a slight fire (pay attention not to fire), and then pack the lump of quicklime 10 mm in diameter and 30 mm in diameter. Placed in the pan, without contact with metal, the weight of quicklime is calculated at the volume of 8 kg per cubic metre of the drum, and then all manholes, hand-holes, pipe valves are closed and inspected every three months, such as crushed ingredients of quicklime, The boiler should be replaced immediately, and the quick lime and tray should be removed when the boiler is re-running. (2) Wet maintenance method: after the boiler is shut down, the furnace water will be discharged and the internal dirt will be thoroughly cleared. Except rinse clean, reinject the treated water until full, heat the furnace water to 100 ℃, let the gas from the water drain out of the furnace, and then close all valves, do not adopt the moisturizing method in cold weather, so that the boiler will not be damaged by ice in the furnace water.

Today, a simple look at the hot high standard water boiler workflow.

Simply and generally speaking, the boiler is the main working process on fuel combustion, heat transfer, water heating and vaporization, steam superheating, and so on. The whole boiler is composed of boiler body and auxiliary equipment. Boiler Noumenon: boiler body is the main part of boiler equipment, is composed of "pot" and "furnace" two parts.

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12 tph DZL biomass steam boiler for sugar refineryIn recent years, starch sugar has been more and more widely used in the food industry as a new sweetener, and the starch sugar industry has also developed rapidly in terms of scale, output, and variety. Haocheng Food is located in Minhang, Shanghai. With 15 years of continuous development, Haocheng has become one of the stongest comprehensive domestic sugar syrup companies with the most complete types of liquid sugar syrup and the most innovative capacity. Starch sugar production process has a great demand for steam. With expansion of production, New Energy Corporation cooperated with Haocheng Food, providing them steam for production. New Energy Company ordered 12 tph steam DZL biomass-fired steam boiler at ZOZEN according to the requirements of Haocheng Food for steam quality. It uses clean energy as fuel, uses reasonable rotational speed to make fuel fully burning, and provides high-quality steam with zero emissions of carbon dioxide.

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