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Reasonable control of an electric hindi mai ling and boiler temperature causes the electrical heating boiler is a fashion tool, not only looks nice, and very intelligent, very energy-saving, environmental protection, it can be connected to achieve its purpose of heating, electric boilers and radiators in a variety of ways It can also connect and warm connection, electric boiler when the work of many of the floor because the moisture rises after upgrade makes the degree of change in shape, because not ensure that cement does not include water vapor, it is necessary to implement moderately increase the degree of control of floor heating. The reason the reasonable control of an electric boiler temperature are the following: 1. The purpose of the regulation can be suitably degree, the degree is not too high, to ensure a balanced temperature. 2. The use of the heating costs are all its own manipulation. 3. The system can be set based on self-control switch electric cooling products that reached the degree of degree environment, scientific and rational use of material heating method of setting all the intelligent control, thereby making the situation was under heating, under no circumstances stop.

Details hindi mai ling and boiler 4 t integral condensing gas introduced: integral means gas condensing boiler using condensing technology, energy in the boiler and a condenser disposed above the body, the new area saving gas boiler equipment. Compared with ordinary gas boiler, the biggest change is to improve the thermal efficiency, thus saving fuel investment costs.

Lujiang County, Anhui Province People's Government to strengthen the special equipment safety supervision, eliminate security risks, protect people's lives and property safety, recently, market supervision arrangements father of the rule of the mountain to carry out a special inspection of the hindi mai ling and boiler.

The area under the jurisdiction, boiler unit 10, involving 13 sets of boilers, mainly for industrial enterprises, food production enterprises. The audit focused on with the operation of the boiler, the boiler nature of the situation (coal, electricity, gas, biomass, etc.), verification test cases, water quality monitoring, troubleshooting, case workers certified, the implementation of the system, etc. . Examination revealed there is some use of units overdue inspection, the main responsibility is not implemented and so on, law enforcement officials immediately issued special equipment safety supervision instructions, the use of units ordered to stop using, to urge the rectification.

Should be chosen from the source of nitrogen oxides generated by a hindi mai ling and boiler control, currently available technology is the use of the most advanced technology gas premix combustion boiler, which can accurately adjust the air-fuel ratio, nitrogen oxide generated from the source control. 2, replacement of the burner

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