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Low nitrogen horizontal solid fuel boiler by which important parts

Low nitrogen boiler used in the manufacture of a variety of advanced technology, more sophisticated and ingenious structure, not only to save fuel and energy, high environmental performance, but also to a large extent to save space, more and more people's favorite.

Also in the heating horizontal solid fuel boiler ignition, there is a big drum case where the temperature difference between upper and lower portions, also accompanied by large thermal stress. However, if the temperature difference is lower than both 50 ℃, still permit the drum wall stress range, will not cause a greater impact.

2.Enhanced fuel adaptability.Even general coal in the horizontal solid fuel boiler combustion can be adequate, stable and efficient .

3.Enhanced load regulation.Can be adjusted within the range of load requirements freely.

4.Reduces the environmental pollution Greatly.Sulfides and oxides of nitrogen emissions produced by coal combustion meet standards.

5.Time to maintain a constant temperature Shorter,the cooling is slower, the time lag fire to about 6 hours,make the boiler operate normal.

6.High efficiency circulating fluidized bed boiler technology, small amount of maintenance, improve labor productivity, reduce production cost.

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