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horizontal steam boiler 500kg for corrugated boxes

The partnership, fast boiler for the user responsible attitude to have left a deep impression on our fireman boiler operation is not very skilled, fast deliberately sent a party of professional and technical personnel for our on-site supervision of installation, commissioning and training to ensure that the latter can operate our good boiler fireman. --customer feedback

Buy from a professional boiler fast boiler factory in Henan home What are the benefits of a lot of demand for boilers Enterprise will do everything possible to want to buy from a professional fast boiler factory in Henan home, because the boiler and safety related to the conversion of the various energy and and expensive, fast boiler factory in Henan manufacturers due to the long-term focus on the production of a variety of different boilers not only the accumulation of rich experience in production and advanced product design avant-garde, functional to meet the needs of current users to use, so it will attract many of the needs of users choose to buy the boiler to come, following on the benefits of buying a boiler under the understanding from a professional family Henan fast boiler manufacturers together: 1: product safety guaranteed Henan fast boiler manufacturers in the production of experienced and has a sophisticated production and processing facilities, and boiler for different models in different areas of the use of shape and focus particularly on the security design, so that users avoid unsafe use of various factors in the course, and to protect the entire use the process of reducing accidents occurred access to safe production Protection. 2: functional and can reduce the purchase cost of buying boiler products through professional family Henan fast boiler manufacturers can meet the needs of functionally, professional R & D team will be optimized to improve the functional needs of the moment intelligent, each function kinds of boiler constantly upgraded in order to better optimize the use of the user. And the user through formal professional Henan fast boiler manufacturers to buy boiler can reduce the cost of purchase, because the mass production of the mature boiler manufacturers have production conditions and therefore be able to provide users with the best price to reduce the economic pressure on civilians. 3: available advice and professional installation service protection after the well-known boiler purchase and installation is very important to play a more favorable product features and safe to use. Henan professional fast boiler manufacturers to help users home site survey and preferably of a suitable mounting location facilitate storage and transportation of the fuel or ash in the boiler used to help preclude the use of stable boiler. And there late in the course of any unusual professional family Henan fast boiler manufacturers will have the appropriate technical staff to help solve the row worries. Allowing users to not have any after-sales problems can be carefree use during use. The reason why many users have seen the influx of selected professional Henan fast boiler manufacturers boiler house purchase, which with its own boiler manufacturers to provide high quality and perfect service are inseparable, and best of all fast Henan party boiler manufacturers can provide users with professional installation advice and good after-sales service guarantee. So business users are willing to buy from manufacturers not only professional but also get enough professional technical guidance and after-sales service functionality.

7MW WNS series gas-fired hot water boiler for OUTLET MallHot water boilers are mainly used for heating system of cities and enterprises. Maple leaf town outlet mall is located in Songbei District, Harbin and covers an area of 170,000 square meters. The basic form of business operation of outlet mall is set to be outlet stores, travel & leisure and culture & entertainment, covering the elements of shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, art, etc. Since the winter in Harbin is extremely cold, to improve consumer satisfaction, the project leader of this company decided to open bidding and purchase several sets of heating boilers to provide heat energy for maple leaf town hot spring and outlet mall. ZOZEN successfully won the bidding with excellent products and complete solutions. The sales manager of ZOZEN provided the company with 4 sets of gas-fired hot water boilers (WNS7-1.0/95/70-Q) and 2 sets of gas-fired horizontal steam boiler 500kg for corrugated boxess (WNS2-1.0-Q) after conducting a field investigation. WNS series gas-fired boilers are designed and manufactured with domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience, which feature fully automatic running, safety and reliability, high efficiency and environmental protection. Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute made an energy efficiency test to the WNS boilers, and the results showed that all the indicators were exceeded design requirements; performance had reached international advanced level.

What is the condensate recovery? Why steam condensate recovery steam system is an important measure energy? In industrial production, steam as an extremely versatile energy and almost all businesses are inextricably linked. A large number of industrial water and coal-based energy is used to generate steam, and steam is used to heat industrial production process, the steam generated in the heat releasing section condensed water is often thrown away. Condensate has a large amount of heat, usually accounts for about 20 to 30% of total calories steam, some devices may be up to 40%. Thus if the temperature condensate as boiler feed water recycling or secondary flash steam utilization, not only to save the water for industrial use, but will save a lot of fuel. Thus, in the production of the same multi-boiler steam, it can save 30% to 40% of fuel, water and water treatment chemicals. At the same time reduce fuel economy of boiler flue gas emissions, protect the environment. Condensate Recovery Value Embodiment: A thermal energy recovered in condensate water, the secondary flash steam heated steam produced can be replaced with a new material; B water saving, cost saving water; C high temperature condensate as boiler feed water, the boiler heating saving makeup water consuming fuel; D vapor condensate as boiler feed water, a lower TDS content, reducing the number of boiler blowdown, heat loss is reduced sewage entrained; E reduces smoke emission and waste water contamination of soil and groundwater . However, industrial steam condensate recovered faces many technical challenges, such as the recovery pump cavitation at high temperature condensate; closed directly boiler feed water; recovering the vapor-liquid two phase flow; contaminated condensed water recovery; high-temperature condensate and boiler feed water at room temperature the temperature of the water supply caused / pressure and poor. HUAWIN (China News) company as the world's leading experts in the steam treatment, using its own patented technology, customers can not only provide complete condensate treatment programs and products, and provides turnkey services and EMC, as do their Chinese energy conservation contribution. Condensate Recovery mode 1. Open the recovery, recycling closed 2. Direct recycling, indirect recycling 3. Restore recovery, heat recovery, flash recovery 1, closed recycling unit: There really grasp the closed recycling technology manufacturers very little , a true closed-recovery units, should address the following questions: 1) to ensure no leakage at the same time, when the incident level is too high to solve the overflow drain problem, that is, when the drain, the same can not leak. 2) stop after an accident, pour water through the cooling tank, the tank may have a negative pressure when the device is restarted, it may cause the pump suction side pressure is too low, it is necessary to solve automatically eliminate the negative pressure in the tank The problem. 3) high-temperature condensate water pump cavitation may cause problems at runtime. 4) When the condensate pump is turned on, the vortex is easily formed, the flash vapor suction pump inlet. 5) the secondary flash steam condensation problems inside the water tank drawn out. Only real solution to the above problems, in order to be truly mastered the core technology of closed recovery. 2, steam-driven pump: HUAWIN (China News) Steam Pump Company truly master the core technology, in addition to the key components are imported, the parts using CNC machining centers precision machining, precision brand has more than similar imported products. And it has developed a large flow pump, a single pump can deliver water to reach 35t / h.

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