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This is mainly used in industrial steam horizontal tube fire tube boiler models, industrial steam such, because in this industry there are often high-temperature gas, if such media industry needs to move from one place to another place, such steam boiler is very appropriate choice. When working people do this kind of work, the staff will take a very traditional way, but this way not only can not meet the requirements of the industry, but there are some security holes, greatly influenced the development of the industry.

Operation of the steam horizontal tube fire tube boiler model problem and start the process of magnetic drive a steam boiler in question and magnetic drive centrifugal pump will encounter many problems start centrifugal pump during operation, the principle of which have low-temperature corrosion, exhaust slow, steam and water pipe damage and other problems. It occurred in the low-temperature low-temperature steam boiler heating surface corrosion there are so few points: chemical corrosion, and electrochemical corrosion. Both corrosion occurs on the wall surface temperature substantially lower than the acid dew point. Fouling of the evaporator heating surface, and sometimes can accelerate corrosion. Slow exhaust reasons are the following: Filter outlet obstruction; cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe line is too long or too small; the inlet side of the filter blocked; check valve open. Solution to this problem: replace outlet Filter replacement pipe cross-sectional area larger, the distance or length of tubing; clean the filter, a means at the inlet end of the air cleaner; check spring check valve. In addition also prone steam boiler steam, water pipe damage phenomena: the pipe minor leaks, beep, insulation or damp steam leakage, dripping. The pipe bursting, issued significant sound, and the discharge gas, water. Steam or water flow abnormal changes, blasting site before flow meter, the flow rate reduction; After the flow meter, the flow rate increases. Steam pressure or water pressure drop. When a water pipe burst, the water level dropped furnace operation. The reasons for these phenomena are: over-temperature steam pipes run, creeping inflation exceeded the standard or run too long, reduce metal strength. Warm steam pipe tube is insufficient, resulting in severe water impact. Poor water supply and quality, resulting in wall corrosion. Water pipe wall causing scour book locally reduced. Water supply system is not functioning properly, the pressure fluctuation is too large, the water impact or vibration. Installation, manufacturing, materials and poor welding and the like. The solution is: Such as water supply pipeline leak slightly, to maintain the boiler feed water, and soon expanded without fault, we can maintain a short run, put the spare boiler as soon as possible, if the failure increased, a direct threat to the safety of persons or equipment should be shutdown . Such as water pipe bursting, pipe failure should seek to splitting with the system as soon as possible, if not running out but can not keep the drum level, should be shutdown. Such as steam pipe leak slightly, when a failure will not expand quickly, we can maintain a short run, put the spare boiler as soon as possible; if the failure increased, a direct threat to the safety of persons or equipment should be shutdown. Such as boiler steam pipe explosion, not for steam or when a direct threat to the safety of persons and equipment, should be shutdown. The mother tube steam explosion, the splitting should seek fault and the pipe system as soon as possible.

The absolute importance of Safety in the use of Steam horizontal tube fire tube boiler modelsSteam boiler is the working environment of many years in the high temperature environment, so the safety problem of the equipment is more serious. However, this problem has been taken into account when steam boilers are still being developed, so the R & D personnel have added a self-protection function to this steam boiler, if there are any problems at work, The self-protection function will automatically start, the steam boiler will stop, to ensure the interests of the industry, but also for the safety of workers to improve a certain degree of protection. Not only that, but there are a lot of features in this steam boiler, and not all of these features can be used in all products. Yes, so when the industry buys steam boilers, it should first buy some brands with relatively high professionalism and good reputation, and it is necessary to recognize the products produced by regular manufacturers, only after such careful operation. In order to make this steam boiler put into use in the future will not encounter any problems. And once the quality has a higher guarantee, but also for the industry cost investment reduced a lot, because quality to meet the standards so that the number of maintenance reduced a lot, reduce staff energy at the same time also save maintenance costs, It has played an important role in the development of the industry.

China Association of horizontal tube fire tube boiler model and boiler water treatment boiler technology plays in the development of healthy and clean technology development and lead the industry in an important position, and boiler manufacturers are inseparable, in the future, the Group will soon square to maintain good communication with the Association to promote the technological innovation industry, enhance the technological level of the industry, promote the vigorous development of the boiler industry to contribute their efforts.

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