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Pharmaceutical Group chose the SZW series coal-fired steam hospital fire tube boiler with

compact structure and reasonable layout. This type of boiler has large water

1. Circulating fluidized bed coal-fired hospital fire tube boiler

There are several series of circulating fluidized bed boilers produced by ZG boiler, including DHX series, SHX series, internal circulating fluidized bed boiler, external circulating fluidized bed boiler and circulating fluidized bed power station boiler, which can adapt to various fuels and coal types. Wide adaptability.

To support employee innovation, the company took out more than 5% of sales each year for technical innovation and product transformation, and the establishment of the Innovation Award and a special incentive fund, for practical gizmos and patented the invention of employees monthly reward. Today, the company has obtained 107 national patents.

Suqian small pressure hot water hospital fire tube boiler parameters introduced it comes to small pressure hot water boiler, the public may not understand the very thought. Do not know what a small pressure hot water boiler covers. In fact small pressure hot water boiler is not too large evaporation pressure hot water boiler. Did not use off people apparently do not know. Here below, we recommend a small series for the public especially a small flow pressure hot water boiler. Small pressure hot water boiler is the use of natural gas is not too large pressure hot water boiler, pressure hot water boiler so both vertical type structure, on the other hand there is a horizontal structure. If the selected vertical type structure, the gas valve is disposed downward, two-pass configuration, efficiency of fast, stable pressure hot water boiler operating; connected with spoilers smoke tube, slow speed exhaust, increased heat exchange efficiency, pressure high thermal efficiency hot water boiler, accounting for a small place. If it is a horizontal structure, the pressure hot water boiler for the European program three times, three or flyback, ignites abundant natural gas, high efficiency hot, smoke more in line with environmental requirements, to reduce the maximum level of use can cost people choose .

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