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hot selling din17175 boiler and alloy pipe

Based on the different ways of acid process, our company has developed sulfuric acid-making waste hot selling din17175 boiler and alloy pipe and pyrite acid making waste heat boiler. They are applied in the recycle of sulfuric acid waste heat and power generation projects. They are the ideal equipment for enterprises saving energy.

1.4MW WNS series gas-fired hot water hot selling din17175 boiler and alloy pipe project for University of Science and Technology BeijingWinter heating and daily hot water are important contents of logistic work in college and university. The hot water is the essential heat energy equipment of every college and university. Nowadays, the heating work of universities is facing severe challenges such as increasing heating areas, the aging of equipment and rising requirements for energy conservation and environment protection. University of Science and Technology Beijing planned to introduce several sets of hot water boilers to improve the heating quality as well as responding to the national energy conservation and emission reduction initiative. Considering the increasingly tougher environmental protection policies, University of Science and Technology Beijing decided to choose natural gas as the boiler fuel. ZOZEN is a time-honored brand with over 30 years in industrial boilers, and has successfully provided hot water boilers for many colleges and universities including Renmin University of China, China Medical University and Changachun University of Science and Technology. ZOZEN provided multiple sets of 1.4MW WNS series hot water boilers for University of Science and Technology Beijing according to their practical usage. This series of boilers has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency and automatic operation to ensure the stable running for a long time. In addition, this series of boilers is the packaged boiler featuring smaller installation area and shorter site installed period, which fully met the demands of supplying heating in a timely manner.

Employees to the annual meeting full of plans for our programs are presented shine. Whether sporty side fast version of "Desert Camel" was full of rhythmic Allegro "golden rice bowl", it combines the efforts and achievements we have made in 2018, exceptionally exciting. There festive set in one of the nation's lasting appeal of traditional dance "dance together" and "unforgettable beauty heart", gives us the beauty of the impact.

In addition, each module is equipped with a hot selling din17175 boiler and alloy pipe ventilation regulator, each module is running, the regulator opens the ventilation, when the module does not participate in the cycle, the regulator will turn off ventilation, thus avoiding the residual heat in the furnace standby module of loss. Further, the boiler furnace wall of each module has heat insulation layer, the maximum prevent heat loss in the furnace. After measurement, single boiler module boiler than 1% of the savings in fuel costs.

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