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Jilin Deda Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Jilin Songliao Poultry Co., Ltd. and CP Group in 1989. Since its official operation in 1992, Jilin Deda has developed into a leading enterprise of agriculture industrial production with fixed assets of 2 billion yuan, which integrates breeding of poultry, grain and oil planting, broiler feeding, feed processing, oil processing, chicken processing, liquor brewing and other diversified production. Jilin Deda chicken products sell well in more than 30 provinces and are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, West Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries regions. Industrial boilers provide important high-efficient heat source for the production processes.

Water quality standard for steam boilers and hot water pump unit installation requirements and installation plans Henan fast Boiler Company with the small series to introduce steam and hot water boiler 1 ton in saudi arabia water quality standard pump unit installation requirements and installation program is a commercial steam boiler water, residential water use the main boiler, but in recent years the boiler explosion and the extent of corrosion in the boiler point of view, a lot of steam in the hot water boiler worker for boiler maintenance and use of M & E is not very understanding, or not quite cooked. Therefore, this article Mechanical and Electrical technician to tell us about water quality standard water steam hot water boiler. Steam boiler The main requirements are: 1, when the evaporation amount is equal to the rated boiler 6t / h should be oxygen, less than the rated evaporation 6t / h of localized corrosion such as found in boiler feed water deaerator measures should be taken, for steam for the steam turbine boiler feedwater oxygen content should be less than equal to 0.05mg / L. 2, as determined when the dissolved solids is difficult, the conductivity measurement method may be employed or chloride ions (C1) controlled indirectly, but with the conductivity or dissolved solids and a ratio of a chloride ion (of Cl-) should be based on test determine. And should be regularly re-examination and revision of this ratio relationship. 3, the structure of all-welded boiler may control the relative alkalinity. 4, rated evaporation amount is smaller than 2t / h, and less than the rated steam pressure of steam boilers and hot water boilers soft drinks dual equal to 1.0MPa (such as steam, water quality no special requirements) may also be pot-treatment. But we must strengthen the supervision of scaling, corrosion and water steam hot water boiler, earnestly dosing, sewage and cleaning work. Pump unit installation requirements and installation 1. Install the program requires the installation of the unit must be fully serviced prior to installation technology, installation construction design and development of network installation and construction plans. Engineer technical tests should be carried out according to the specific circumstances of the organization pumping station design, manufacture, construction units, mutual coordination. After installing a review of construction design approval, issued by the chief supervision engineer started to make construction unit before entering the installation and construction. Construction should be set up organizations, to establish who is responsible for individual projects, clear terms of reference, unified command. The installer should carefully study information technology, familiar with the drawings, control procedures, technical specifications and provisions related to the master installation steps, methods and requirements, the installation quality to meet the design requirements. 2. Install the program installation program is a major component of the construction work. Include: the installation process, the installation work schedules and so on. Installation plan should clearly construction sequence and construction schedule, the entire project is listed in the individual projects, division of engineering and engineering, separation of primary and secondary, first, after then arrange reasonable time limit, staff and the various stages of construction the main task of the construction progress of various projects both before and after can dovetail with each other.

In the case of China's energy crisis, how to change ideas, develop adapt to the change, as well as energy saving and environmental protection products, a priority for the boiler manufacturing enterprise, including ZG. Next, the use of clean fuels and clean technology of high efficiency, energy-saving, low pollution combustion boiler is boiler product development trends, to the high-end and high-value added products and market development.

Boiler Association party leaders to come soon Group: innovation and development has won high praise, Secretary General of China Association for boiler water treatment boiler and arrogance Ling Wang, Assistant Secretary Guo Hua, chief engineer Tongyou Wu and his party three people come fast Boiler Group inspections visits, Luhai Gang president accompanied by full enthusiasm.

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