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Biomass boilers use clean fuels, and the boilers are equipped with desulfurization and denitration devices, high-efficiency dust collectors, and economizers with low pollution emissions. The ash produced by the boiler plant has a small amount of carbon and can be comprehensively utilized.

Since more than six months since the boiler equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback

(2) minor repairs, overhaul

Two minor repairs and maintenance is based on the internal wall of the tube inspection and maintenance of the boiler for confirmation, and an auxiliary device status, required for repair and maintenance fireman boiler in accordance with the system shutdown.

Precautions gas steam boiler gas steam boiler installations are typically used in business have a larger volume, a higher heating characteristics, therefore enterprises should choose the right products according to their needs. After the easy to use gas steam boiler buy back, but also sales units and boiler docking, ask staff to come to arrange installation. Gas-fired steam boiler products installed it properly, and there is a direct relationship between the adequacy of its combustion, so when installing gas steam boiler note the following. First, the need to meet the requirements for the insulation article and the refractory insulation material inside and outside the gas steam boiler, special attention needs to ensure that in place, to prevent use by later installed in place, failure caused by heat boiler, in particular gas steam boiler removal is extremely inconvenient, not only the need for maintenance downtime, manufacturers also need to spend a lot of money and manpower, and these are not careful when you install the resulting waste of resources. Second, note that the vertical spacing of rows and Kun gas steam boiler is usually professional installers, the size of the furnace building will be correct and accurate calibration, but requires special attention vertical cold wall of the duplex pipe in the installation of the exhaust pipe and spacing between, but in fact it will have a direct impact on the stability of the late stage of the gas steam boiler. Third, pay attention to check the matter before the brickwork after installation of gas steam boiler also needs to be pressure test, which is an extremely important step after the installation is complete, while also conduct a detailed inspection of the furnace building, ensure that can meet demand, because the details to avoid problems when installed, caused because the installation is not working is not the case in the late meticulous gas steam boiler. These are some of the issues most useful when installing gas steam boiler should be noted, gas steam boiler manufacturers only in accordance with the actual environment and installation instructions, to carry out strict and meticulous installation, and for some easily lead to late boiler installation details appear unstable special attention, in order to install a stable and reliable gas steam boiler products.

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