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Anyang City Minshan Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. is a collection of urban mining, renewable resources, energy as one of the economic wisdom of cleaning companies, mainly non-ferrous metal extraction and processing work. Company to conserve energy, cleaner production for the purpose of this concept coincides with the fast boiler. Thus, when the company in the purchase of the product boiler, and fast boiler almost hit it off, by the party to provide a fast 6 tons of steam integrally condensing gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25.Y.Q).

Diagnosis: case of an electric steam boiler can occur when water vapor through the use of electric boilers electrical energy, which is converted into heat, and then the converted electric heating system of the boiler steam output having a certain thermal energy outwardly. Many users will find when operating electric steam boiler, the boiler will not appear abnormal ring, the water flow is abnormal happens, but do not know where in the cause. In this paper, electric steam boiler in the water shortage, what would happen, expand and talk. In general, when there are electric steam boiler explosion that, at the door began to steam out, it shows electric steam boiler water shortage is very serious and should be carried out immediately pay, or they may be dangerous. Mainly as electric steam boiler water level has been cut siren sounded the alarm sound level below the safety line. At this performance should let dry electric steam boilers stop running, and then the alarm sound off, then add the water in the electric steam boiler above the water line, electric steam boiler restart just fine. Electric steam boiler exhaust smoke temperature rises, then it should be because the pipeline rupture caused by electric steam boiler, the solution is to pipe water shortage caused by electric steam boilers quickly repaired, or to replace a new pipeline. Boiler water can be divided into two cases, one slight lack of water, one serious water shortages. When the water level in the water level below the specified minimum but can see or can not see the water level has instead of "water law called" waters, could see the water level, water shortages were classified as minor. As the water level is not visible, but still a serious lack of water when the water level not seen as "Water Act called" waters. Program called the water: first turn on the water faucet is turned on, turn off the steam cock, rinse water connecting pipe parts, then slowly turn on the water tap is closed, pay attention to whether the water into the inner man boiler water level gauge, this method is referred to as "called Water Act." The reason water; the loss of the water level control light; dereliction of duty fireman; water supply system failure, such as lack of water pressure, no water fill, water level indicator is incorrect and false water level; boiler blowdown valve may be caused by a leak caused by lax boiler water. Boiler water should be promptly find the cause and correct treatment, improper handling can cause serious accidents. Water treatment: The water level is just below the normal level. But still we see, you can restore the normal water level should be strengthened and rinse water level in Sheung Shui. Check the water supply, water and other systems, for damage and leakage and other problems, severe cases should be treated shutdown. When the use of "water law called" flushing water level and other treatment still do not see the water level, severe water shortages may occur accident, should immediately shutdown, quickly turn off, find out why. In this case, the operator should remain sober and avoid confusion, non-Sheung Shui to the boiler, eager to avoid the possibility of replenishment and cause serious explosion in the boiler drum water boiled.

Many boiler manufacturers in the natural gas hot water boiler copper cameras shipped to the customer hands, will send technical staff to do on-site guidance, responsible for the installation and commissioning of the boiler operation. Many technicians are stressed, there must be regular inspection and maintenance of natural gas hot water boiler. So, where is the need for regular maintenance of natural gas hot water boiler in it?

Before being put into operation, a detailed study of technical personnel to study accompanying documentation and various other technical information in Note 1. Henan Henan former boiler manufacturers boiler boiler manufacturer boiler running, in-depth understanding of a variety of technical performance of the equipment. After work out procedures and equipment used, Henan boiler manufacturers boiler operator or use the necessary technical training, in order to deliver the boiler operation. 2. The maintenance personnel should be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations of the equipment for maintenance, the equipment is in good condition. 3. When the boiler in operation, any of the following circumstances and ineffective protection, emergency shutdown should: (1) boiler water level below the water level of the lower edge of the visible, increasing water supply and other measures, but the water level continued to decline; (2) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler water level exceeds the highest visible level (full of water), turn on the water can not be seen by the water level; (3) water softener system failure, not water to the boiler and boiler water level below the water level gauge the lower edge of the visible; (4) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler circulation pump fails can not operate properly; (5) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler component damage, endanger the operating personnel safety; (6) boiler water temperature abruptly rises out of control; ( 7) other abnormal situation threatening Henan boiler manufacturers boiler safe operation. 4. accident tight shutdown for lack of water, exhaust prohibited, the operation of the boiler feedwater and blowdown Henan boiler manufacturers. 5. Henan boiler manufacturers boiler room should be well ventilated. 6. circulation pump normal operation after the start-up burner, circulation system valve should open. To prohibit start-up burner, boiler manufacturers Henan boiler to be warmed and then start the circulation pump or the valve is opened suddenly. 7. boiler circulating pump failure and stop running the boiler protection system is not functioning boiler caused a "dry", the non-boiler feed water to the boiler factory in Henan or circulation pump. 8. shutdown, the shutdown button press on the operation screen, a combustion burner is stopped, closing the intake valve. Disconnect the power to the controller, disconnect the main power boiler.

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