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hot water boiler system notes

Hot water boiler is one of the important equipment for the district to provide our real estate company, and two gas hot water provide the fast boiler boiler flotilla of environmental performance, in full compliance with state regulations after smoke was detected in the rear of the boiler. And boiler operation is safe, stable, we use the very at ease. --customer feedback

Direct contact heat exchanger using water spray in direct contact with the flue gas for heat and mass transfer. This way high heat recovery rate while absorbing a large amount of harmful substances in the flue gas, however, in this embodiment the recovered acidic water quality, limited use, hot water generated in waste heat recovery in general is difficult to use civil heating boiler room, thus heating boiler room is generally not used in this way.

How electric boiler cleaning? Many of my friends think electric boiler has been heated, high-temperature sterilization, no cleansing, and still others electric boiler work is a cleaning process. In fact, only half, although the high-temperature sterilization can, but long-term boil water will produce scale. So how clean electric boiler? This is the question many families have trouble, we all know that electric boilers for a long time will inevitably dirty, cleaning is necessary, then how to clean it? Electric boiler after a period of use, the furnace within normal use will have a lot of dirt, a certain degree of dirt accumulation will affect electric boiler. On the one hand it will affect the electric boiler thermal conversion, a waste of power resources and affect the user experience, on the other hand electric boiler furnace dirt accumulation also have some influence on the electric parts of the boiler. So how long is cleaned once a good electric boiler, electric boiler specific cleaning method is what is it? Usually water temperature does not exceed 70 machine rarely play a scale, and now most of the electric boiler also has an automatic sewage capacity, but winter time job or a small amount of scale generated. Scale composition will affect the heating temperature is, if excessive accumulation of scale will affect the electric boiler is working properly, there will be heated slowly and so on. Finishing scale many ways, the easiest is to use detergents that is, by adding a period of time off water in it, the scale can organize very clean, which would allow electric boiler heating system, new look. Operation is very simple, the effect is also very good. The general life of ordinary electric boiler in about a decade, electric boiler life and the length of the electric boiler cleaning and maintenance are inseparable. External electric boiler made of stainless steel, will not easily stain, wipe clean only. Electric boiler and automatic water supply system, do not care too much, you can warm each winter.

Henan boiler maintenance in a safe manner What? Our Henan boilers generally are water or organic carriers for the media, Henan detected under high pressure boiler is particularly important, its operation is relatively complex internal structure and its corresponding inspection workload is huge, coupled with the complexity of the scene , the requirements for testing the quality and intensity of high, following Xiao Bian will analyze the way for everyone Henan boiler maintenance industry-leading security which. 1, implement preventive measures boiler safety inspection in Henan boiler as a special device, unlike washing machines, color TV sets and other household appliances, in the factory, installation, maintenance, alteration, use before acceptance, qualification aspects of the operating personnel have done a corresponding legal approval provisions. When trusted Henan factory boiler, the boiler must be accompanied by drawings, strength calculations of pressure parts, safety valve emissions calculations, the quality certificate of boilers, boiler installation manuals, operating instructions and pressure parts design change notices, etc. relevant technical information. For non-technical information product quality supervision and inspection certificate, it must be made by the local labor department or its authorized Inspection issued. 2, routine maintenance investigation danger First, it should be professional and meticulous examination of all enterprises in Henan boiler, to determine which of these can have the installation qualification. Second, prior to installation of each boiler are all related work for the record, no one appears to prevent accidental accountability situation. Third, the need to continue to observe the working conditions and the water pressure is stable within a certain time after the installation is complete, again to determine whether the successful completion of the installation work. If abnormal situation occurs, consumers need to require the installation of the unit to be first at the scene, hidden dangers and rigorous investigation of work-related deal with the aftermath, to ensure safe use of the boiler. 3, pay attention to the special nature of the operator qualification Henan boiler, it is necessary for the installation of the use of qualified personnel in certain countries allowed to carry out checks for this category is related to the people and social security facilities, the state has adopted in this regard test methods and professional qualifications of audit and examination are very strict. National quality control personnel this one, it must have a professional qualification in a boiler factory in Henan to participate. In the case of determining the relevant parameters, technical requirements without any problems allowed to produce and sell. In everyday use, but also mindful of the problems related to the regularity or direction, to pave the way for the smooth conduct inspections in the future. In short, the boiler because of its special structure and use, and for the people its security is critical, remember to consumer safety and proper use of the boiler, as an ordinary user, pay attention to the proper use and daily periodically check that the relevant part of the part to be able to ensure normal Henan boiler presents the best results.

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