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Fangchenggang City, steam boiler equipment prior to installation procedures and equipment steam boiler equipment needs, should fill out the "boiler installation started this book", incidentally including and not contained in the original below the pot seized by the steam boiler equipment customers belong to the handle boiler formalities license to install, by consent before it can start: ① licensed copy of a steam boiler plant equipment; ② steam boiler plant equipment boiler installation started this book and construction program; ③ steam boiler equipment certification nameplate data; among ④ equipment arrangement between the plane drawings and equipment design drawings; ⑤ equipment units to participate in vocational certificate installation workers. Former steam plant equipment, boilers, equipment units should also incidentally complete consent "to install the boiler started this book" to pressure test of the quality of equipment and technical inspection authority customers belong to the steam boiler plant signed the "quality boiler installation undertaking" for the Inspection Department standard equipment of steam boiler equipment maintained to monitor.

Recently, Tianjin issued a notice to expand the scope of the ban on high-pollution fuel combustion zone, which is based on high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on the delineation of Tianjin in 2015, to further expand this range, Tianjin has completed the bulk of urban and rural coal clean energy alternative areas have been completed and no did not go to the construction of Wuqing classified as high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, and to delineate new range of units street town combustion zone ban.

1, the implementation of zoning classification control. Still requires strict control within the range 2015 designated combustion zone ban, prohibited the use of a single steam of less than 35 t / h of coal-fired boiler, steam 35 tons / hr or higher requires a particularly coal-fired boiler for emission limits or ultra-low emission requirements, while a total ban on all kinds of loose coal burning.

2, ban on burning area has expanded. New ban on burning area of ​​3107.99 square kilometers, Binhai New Area and design Dongli, Xiqing, Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Ninghe 9 district and Haihe Education Park. After the adjustment, the city's high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban area of ​​830.54 square kilometers by 2015 increased to 3938.53 square kilometers, accounting for 33.05 percent of the city's total area.

3, clearly biomass fuel control requirements. According to local emission standards biomass fired boiler air pollutants Tianjin promulgated in 2018, re-notice provisions of the central city, Binhai New Area, the seat of government of other towns and other key areas of government regulations prohibit burning biomass briquettes .

Heater fired boiler should be periodically disassembled, removed carbon deposits or grease layer on the inner container wall and the tube was heated with an agent or tool. And should always pay attention to the steam outlet steam drain pipe or heating pipe, if grease occurs proof has been heated in the heater tube wear out, should be addressed immediately.

Hammam using condensing gas boiler, right? Recently, fast boiler pre-sales customer service staff to feedback to us, received a lot of open bath of the user's advice, you can use the bathhouse for gas condensing boilers, select the relevant question is more appropriate to use much of the boilers and the like. In fact, the use of gas condensing boiler is entirely possible, and compared with respect to coal-fired boilers, as well as a considerable number of advantages does.

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