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Matters needing attention in Application of Gas-fired Steam Boiler

The higher the pressure of the steam boiler, the higher the energy consumption, and the corresponding pressure on the steam equipment and the piping and valves will increase, which will make the maintenance and maintenance of the steam boiler relatively advanced. The share of steam that occurs during and during the process of heat transfer and lost will also increase. The salt contained in the high-pressure steam will increase with the increase of the air pressure. These salts will cause the structural appearance of the heated area such as the water wall tube, the smoke pipe and the drum, causing overheating, foaming, blockage, etc., and causing the pipe to blast when severe. Risky incidents.

1. Pay attention to the amount of fuel. Avoid more fuel in the boiler. If there is too much fuel in the furnace, the fuel will not be fully incinerated, and some incinerations that have not been completely incinerated will occur. If the furnace is found to be dark, the fire is small, and the chimney is emerging. Conditions such as black smoke are usually caused by carbon monoxide in the furnace.

2. The size of the incineration material used. From the point of view of incineration, the smaller the volume of fuel, the simpler it is to mix with air and simply incinerate. However, if the volume is too small, the energy consumption will increase greatly with respect to the gas-fired steam boiler, and the exhaust gas will increase, which will also cause the loss of fuel to a certain extent.

Use how applied boiler in textiles need for the use of certificates establishing the safe use of the system. Article 34 stipulates that the use of special equipment units shall establish job responsibilities, risk management, emergency rescue and safety management system, develop procedures to ensure safe operation of special equipment. "Special Equipment Safety Law" Article 35 provides that special equipment unit should establish special equipment safety file, security technology file should include the following: First, special equipment design documents, product quality certification, installation and maintenance care instructions, supervision and inspection certificate and other relevant technical information and documents. Second, the regular inspection of special equipment and regular self-inspection records Third, the daily usage of special equipment recorded four special equipment and its subsidiaries instrumentation maintenance record five operational failure and accident records of special equipment. Boiler accident generally occurs during use, with a good boiler tube boiler is the key to good boiler safety work, the main process equipment for the boiler operation inspection before start of ignition, ignition temperature, boost, school safety valve test pressure , steam output, adjust the water level, pressure, load adjustment, flushing water level gauge, pressure gauge, sewage, and other coking sootblowing control, pressure fire, shutdown, during boiler operation, the staff to the boiler body and auxiliary equipment, and gas, water, smoke often mobile inspection system. A boiler operation, the operator should comply with labor discipline, earnestly implement the various systems related to boiler operation and do the record run on duty and shift, etc. Second, the fireman who in addition to being familiar with the operation of boilers, heat should also be familiar hot water circulation system of the boiler water and organic heat carrier boiler auxiliary equipment, improve the security of the whole system of running three or boiler room supervisors should be familiar with safety knowledge boiler, regularly check the boiler operating conditions, timely resolution of issues affecting the safe operation of the boiler, any leader not agree or forced fireman illegal operations Fourth, the use of the boiler units should perform the sewage system, master sewage intervals and sewage volume V. when the boiler operation found in pressure parts leaks, furnace coke heavy heating surface metal overtemperature when they can not return to normal as well as other major issues, should stop boiler operation.

Firing kernel shell in circulating fluidized bed CFB how applied boiler in textile application

Widely used in palm oil industry, chemical industry, plastics industry, coatings and automotive industries, bitumen industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, apparel clothing, washing, ironing, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, and other related places.

The safety inspection operations will be based on "regarding the development of how applied boiler in textiles and industrial emergency notification equipment and facilities safety inspection of" (Wei Safety Office Zi [2019] No. 23) documentation requirements, earnestly implement the regulatory responsibility, and actively carry out arrangements, combined with Cravens practical, clear pressure boiler safety inspection work content and division of tasks.

In conjunction with the National Health City welcome the review investigation work, based on their job functions, all members of the team to take the sinking line, full package by, Division linkage approach, focusing on whether the boiler to handle the use of registration, whether periodic inspection, workers who whether induction certificate, the safety valves and pressure gauges and other safety accessories boilers are using the site regularly check verification, the highest level gauge whether there has been a minimum level of safety markings for verification. 54 boiler region's 24 units were one by one investigation. Up to now, all 33 units in the boiler are in an examination period, in line with the requirements. It has two boilers to handle the deregistration, and 19 boilers have long-term disabled, is now urging the use of units to seize deregistered.

While actively step up publicity and training efforts, and send more professionals to communities, cooperatives were the main person in charge of safety knowledge of professional training, to explain the basics of boiler and check focus, effective universal safety knowledge, improve regulatory efficiency.

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