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how does the boiler in the power plant

Main steam pressure in the how does the boiler in the power plant increases the impact and start the system configuration: 10-ton boiler, which means what? Main steam pressure in the boiler rises so, what are the implications for the turbine? In addition, the boiler start the system, what is it? What kind? Ask these questions, its main purpose is to be completely resolved, this can give you some learning content, and thus, they are familiar with and to deepen the level of understanding of the site boiler products. 1.10 tons boiler, which means what? Meaning 10 tons of boiler, which is a specific kind of depends on the boiler. If the boiler is a steam boiler, then, which refers to the nominal amount of evaporation per hour, if the boiler for hot water, then it is meant for the heat of the boiler per hour. Moreover, one ton is equivalent to 0.7MW. So, if 10 tons of hot water boiler, then, that for every hour of heat for 7MW.

What is the operating principle of the gas how does the boiler in the power plant

With the launched energy saving policy, the traditional coal-fired industrial boilers gradually being replaced by gas-fired boilers, industrial thermal power field of a revolution is taking place with regard to energy saving. Many users of gas-fired boilers there are a lot of places do not understand, fast Boiler simple for everyone to explain some principles of operations on the gas boiler.

1, injected into the boiler furnace combustion head-mixed fuel and air, the combustion by the ignition device in the head of the full ignition gas furnace, a heating furnace to achieve a boiler, furnace tube effect. Generally begins, a good boiler, the combustion chamber can design a large capacity multi-curve, so that the heating area and stroke to increase the fuel in the furnace body, which can improve the thermal efficiency. Thus, the key gas-fired boiler combustion head, so that the air mixed gas and, after reaching a certain percentage in order to better enable complete combustion of fuel.

In order to make full use of local resources, improve enterprise efficiency, February 28, 2009, Sinkiang Hengfeng ZG Company commissioned Sugar Co. for one of the first how does the boiler in the power plant to be able to use local mixed coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler. Due to exceptionally dry local climate, local mixed coal moisture is very low, superheated steam temperature is abnormal over-temperature, and many other problems boiler trial run, but after taking the right measures to run properly. 2009, 2010 crop, the total coal consumption 30,000 tons by the transformation of the former boiler down to 2. 20,000 tons. Given the successful transformation of the company in 2010 we put another one Stoker has been transformed, we have achieved good economic and social benefits.

For more than two decades, it has been the focus on clean how does the boiler in the power plants, the insistence on precision and wisdom, and the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship that have made today's Fangkuai boilers. Fangkui Boiler will always be based on the boiler industry, and will return customer support and trust with brilliant results and sophisticated technology.

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