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Henan miss you Jujube Industry Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in dates, nuts and other healthy food research and development, procurement, production and sales operations; jujube industry's first listed company. I miss you date industry is committed to providing health and hygiene products for people to date, in 2017, I miss you date industry decided to buy a few new clean and green, can provide high-quality steam how made the water tube boilers steam. Carefully selected is determined in cooperation with the fast boiler, signed two separate 10 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).

In hot water how made the water tube boilers, how to prevent back-chamber tube plate crack?

Tubesheet before back to the combustion chamber the boiler work in three backhaul usage worst site, a long period of high and low temperature thermal stress, likely to cause the tube end thermal fatigue cracking, is where this configuration the boiler is the most prone to problems.

Six reasons to explore the burner gas how made the water tube boilers is not operating

1, the gas pressure is lower than the low voltage protection switch. On Check gas valves are open, if there is gas in the tank.

2, the gas pressure is higher than the pressure protection switch. Shut off valve, and check the pressure reducing valve or regulator box has failed.

3, steam boiler water level is too low, there is very low interlock. Boiler water level observation, grasp the true level, after manual Sheung Shui to eliminate problems.

4, gas steam boiler pressure is higher than the starting pressure. Natural gas and other boiler pressure to reduce the pressure to start, you can start properly.

Circulating Fluidized Bed how made the water tube boilerss have witnessed substantial growth over the past couple of years owing to the increased need for power coupled with stricter emission norms which resulted in the need for cleaner methods of power generation. CFB boilers, due to their lower operating temperatures reduce the emission of gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Furthermore, the reducing resource availability of fossil fuels such as coal has led to the development of CFB boilers which operate on a variety of fuels in addition to coal.

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