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how much safeties in the steam boilers

The condensed water is not just only one component of water, which will contain a lot of impurities of the fuel combustion, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc., these impurities are dissolved in the condensed water, if returned to the flue, the tube wall would cause great corrosion, affecting the life of the boiler.

To better implement the important speech on the 30th anniversary of the General Assembly Special Economic Zone Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping and ecological civilization idea of ​​celebrating to do in Hainan Province, fully implement the "CPC Central Committee and State Council guidance on the full support of Hainan, deepening reform and opening," "CCP central State Council on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight pollution prevention campaign of view "and the spirit of the national Assembly ecological and environmental protection, pollution prevention and resolutely fight tough fight, to promote the construction of national ecological civilization pilot area to ensure the quality of the ecological environment of Hainan can only be more well, not worse, now combined with the actual circumstances of this action.

1, by 2020, the proportion of clean energy installed capacity of more than 60%, to promote low-carbon clean energy priority access. Daly implementation of the "cut cut coal oil" to prohibit new coal, phased out of existing coal-fired units. Before the end of 2020, the province basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers.

2, all cities and counties to complete the "high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban" before the end of June 2019 delineation and adjustment. In the combustion zone ban, prohibit the sale, burning polluting fuels. Within the province burning petroleum coke is prohibited. Oil coal quality sampling to establish a regular mechanism.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of industrial furnaces, phasing out non-compliance of industrial furnaces, industrial furnace to promote the use of electricity, natural gas and other clean energy or central heating.

4, the full implementation of the construction of urban gas engineering, gas propulsion countryside village "gas on behalf of firewood," to build a gas pipeline network covering urban and rural areas. Demand planning and construction of a number of gas-fired generation projects.

5, to promote the transformation of low nitrogen and ultra-low emissions retrofitting existing gas boiler biomass boilers. Low NOx combustion pollution control measures in new clean energy boiler fueled with natural gas should be used.

Specific explanation for its fan type boilers member, the sub-cylinder, and a header drum, drum or called, how these should be understood that correctly? And, in the boiler power plant, known as the six fans, specifically refers to what? The two boiler-related issues, as with, then the following work is to explain in detail, so that we have a thorough understanding. 1. boiler, sub-cylinder, and a header drum, drum or called, specifically refer to? Boiler, for sub-cylinder, drum or drum and headers, these are understood as correct: Cylinder points: attachment which is part of the boiler, the boiler is usually easy to install in the room where operation. Its main role, sucked boiler manifold shipped from steam into a few road, sending out work to be adjusted. As for the road is divided into a few, there are a few branch points it depends on the cylinder. Header: which is a pressure receiving element of the boiler is generally connected to the pressure receiving member in the boiler water wall tube, and a convection tubes. In effect, it is a collection or distribution of the circulating water inside the boiler. And, thereon, also an inspection hole. Drum: drum also known, is one of the important boiler pressure parts, in number, it is 1-3. If it is arranged up and down, then there is a down drum of the points. And used to connect them, is the convection boiler tubes. In addition, in its interior, sometimes with a partition. 2. boiler power plant, known as the six fans, specifically refers to what? Power plant boilers, which said six fans, which specifically refers to the blower fan, booster fan, a fan, and a dilution blower fan sealing. In the six fan, the blower, lead and primary air fans three, must have, and the other three, it may be determined whether the specific circumstances. Therefore, in some boilers, only three fans, but in number, each of which has two fans, so called six fan.

One of our star products fast side - condensing gas hot water boiler, for example. 1, you first need to boiler safety inspection, each valve instrument is loose, hydrophobic drain port is open and a number of inspections to ensure the safety of boiler index at normal levels. 2, connected after the water system, water in the system, and observe the pressure gauge pressure changes inside the boiler, water comes to a stop within the defined range, check all connections for loose water leakage phenomenon. 3, the power supply is turned on, press the power button, so that rotation of the pump, the discharge of each heat exchanger coil in the air or manually unscrew the distal end of the heat exchanger exhaust valve exhaust gas after the exhaust gas pressure drops then added water until the pressure reaches the operating range. 4, the injection water enough, the smoke pipe connection, connect to the gas source, the ignition operation, red light was observed sub-control board, the power lamp flashing slowly after the letter, after successful ignition flashes quickly. 5, the boiler has been adjusted at the factory parameters, users no longer need to be adjusted on-site, but are subject to change (with comparative plains) if the local gas heating value days, air pressure or altitude height shall be burned system analysis and adjustment, the specific method of operation requires professional skill in the art by adjusting combustion system analysis methods and operation.

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