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Automatic small size coal feeding how much used woman steam of boiler for sale

Product description: DZL series single-drum type fast-assembled coal fired steam/water boiler

The reason why the ignition rod of gas-fired how much used woman steam of boiler has sparks but does not ignite: 1, the ventilation clearance of cyclone disk is blocked by carbon deposition, and the ventilation is not good. 2, oil nozzles are unclean, clogged or worn out. 3, the valve setting angle is too small. 4. Inappropriate distance from the tip of the ignition rod to the leading edge of the oil nozzle (too prominent or indented) 5, the first oil gun solenoid valve is blocked by debris (small oil gun). 6, the oil is too viscous to flow or the filtration system is blocked or the oil valve is not opened, so that the oil pump suction is insufficient and the oil pressure is low. 7. The oil pump's own filter screen is blocked. 8, the oil contains more water (boiling noise in the heater).

Hot water how much used woman steam of boiler is the essential equipment of our hotel, one of the parties to provide fast condensing pressure hot water boiler immediate operational effect. Our demand for environmentally friendly and out of the hotel itself, very high environmental performance requirements for boilers, party fast products fully meet our needs, the index after testing are in line with the relevant provisions of the State; with the outside atmospheric pressure remains stable sufficiently improved security index boiler, eliminating our worries. --customer feedback

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