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Condensing gas boiler module advantage condensing gas how to work with steam boiler module advantages: 1, condensing gas furnace module is small, the condensing gas furnace modules each module to operate independently, a single failure backup time without boiler, to save space, improve space utilization does not affect the overall operation of the system without backup boiler, small footprint, it can be installed in the basement and other small devices, reducing investment costs and improve boiler room space utilization. The high cost of land in the downtown commercial area, as guesthouses, hotels, office buildings, units of the corresponding organs to save floor space, save more land investment and boiler room construction costs. 2, energy-efficient condensing gas module, operating cost savings gas furnace with condensed condensation module principle, the proportion of high-performance combustion system, a proportional solenoid gas valve, automatic adjustment function, save gas, the thermal efficiency of up to 98%. Heating an area of ​​5,000 square feet, for example, hotels and 200 rooms, one quarter heating not only can save heating costs about 11,000 yuan, but also save the cost of hot water around the 8000-12000 yuan, this alone saves 20,000 yuan about gas costs, reflecting the economic benefits of condensing gas furnace module save gas energy. 3, enabling unattended, greatly reducing management costs and wages in the modern system of social management, the impact of cost factors can not be ignored is that management and workers' wage costs. Advanced furnace equipment module condensing gas proportional solenoid gas valve, according to the actual heat supply automatically adjusts the output power, the gas pressure switch real-time monitoring the supply pressure, the secondary combustion gas valve time monitoring security systems to ensure safe and reliable. 4, condensing gas furnace module procedure is simple and convenient, does not require registration and annual inspection security audit. Condensing gas furnace module using 2000bar standards for municipal low pressure natural gas without building an independent regulator station, hydraulic systems during operation in addition to normal pressure is always in a state loop, but also with multiple comprehensive security protection, safe, reliable, simple and convenient procedure, You do not need security record. 5, climate compensation module boiler, energy-saving and comfortable. Gas boiler in the heating season outdoor temperature varies from month to month, the same day the outdoor temperature is different at different times of the heat demand of the building will vary widely. Smart central controller with an indoor temperature sensor and a water temperature sensor, real-time collection and heating the indoor ambient temperature signal, automatically calculates the optimum water temperature, and controlling the number of modules put into operation, while maintaining room temperature stability, saves fuel, significantly lower operating costs. 6, gas condensing boiler system independent circulation, reduce fouling, eliminating the need for post-maintenance costs. Condensing gas furnace module long life, easy installation, low power consumption, easy capacity expansion flexibility and other advantages, not only reflects the small size, low cost, energy-efficient features, but also to maximize use and from the pre-post-maintenance We are saving input costs and operating costs.

The role of factors affect gas thermal efficiency of gas heating boiler heating boiler is used to provide heat, so running the boiler thermal efficiency improvement is more important. So what specific aspects were raised from its thermal efficiency depends on the factors affecting. 1. That heat loss during operation of the boiler, furnace or the flue leakage due severe heat away, boiler fouling, and the like will affect the heat transfer portion of reduced thermal efficiency; air leakage while the boiler, the wind is not blowing rational, resulting in the excess air ratio is too large, heat losses will result in reduced thermal efficiency. 2. Low fuel is not completely burned it possible temperature in the furnace, boiler configuration and low factors leading to incomplete combustion of fuel, fuel burn rate is low, it means that the waste portion of the fuel, the heat has not been fully utilized, will still affect boiler thermal efficiency. 3. Since the materials and insulation measures are not in place, resulting in poor boiler insulation effect, the loss of thermal efficiency. Of course, factors affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler is far more than that, it's just part of it, then the process gas used in heating boilers must pay attention to this, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler efficiency of energy consumption.

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Note industrial boiler water quality testing of water quality testing what are the considerations which industrial boilers (1) pay attention to scaling problems boiler. When carrying out inspections of the boiler water quality, pay attention to the problem of scale boilers. Boiler heating surface scaling, will not only affect the thermal conductivity of the boiler, but also can disrupt the normal structure of the boiler, affecting the normal operation of the boiler. Fouling will too concentrated so that the temperature of the steel sheet, the steel sheet could afford once over, will produce accidents. Moreover, the scale problem is a common cause of boiler accident, we need to attach great importance to staff fouling problems, do water quality testing. (2) pay attention to water treatment and work-related training of personnel. First, we must strengthen the progress of the work of the boiler water treatment, understand the importance of water treatment. Second, we must strengthen the training of staff so that it can fully understand the water treatment process. To make it have the necessary knowledge of water treatment. In particular, to strengthen the natural water, the impurities in the water for effective treatment to improve water quality. To pay attention when handling method, common in two ways, first, filtration, and second precipitation. In personnel training, to ensure that staff can master the common water quality testing methods and treatment, to master the professional knowledge, and constantly improve the quality of personnel. First, to ensure accurate test results of water quality, so as to smoothly guide the follow-up by the correct data. Second, we must strengthen the technical quality of the staff increase, so do the theory with practice. Third, the development of sound, a sound regulatory framework, the rule-based quality inspection can reduce boiler performance problems caused by poor water quality. (3) prevent boiler corrosion problems. Boiler corrosion problems need attention, which need to focus on sensitive monitoring of the boiler, the weak link in the water quality testing, monitoring whether it is corrosive. If the monitoring to corrosive media, to fully, completely clear. Taking into account the protection of the cold parts of the corrosion-prone parts of timely protection, corrosion has been the site for processing, so that you can effectively avoid the boiler cause further corrosion. (4) strengthen the supervision of water treatment. To further strengthen the supervision of the water treatment process, so as to improve the performance of the boiler, saving operating costs, reduce the occurrence of accidents. First of all, to supervise water quality around the normal operation of the boiler, to avoid adverse water quality. Second, we must strictly examine the quality of treated water in accordance with the relevant requirements, the supervision carried out, to achieve the quality supervision and inspection of the entire process. Only strengthen supervision, the implementation of routine inspections in order to truly improve the effectiveness of water quality tests.

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