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By definition, the condensing boiler flue gas is condensed into water vapor, recover its latent heat of vaporization for the boiler, the thermal efficiency of the boiler, or more than 100%. Adding provided condensing heat exchanger can upgrade to a conventional boiler, so that it becomes condensing boilers. We can say that the transformation of traditional boilers condensing boilers can achieve a substantial increase boiler thermal efficiency, the best way to achieve efficient utilization of resources.

Condensate recovery system can be divided into open and closed recovery system recovery system.

Recovery system is open to a condensate recovery tank to the boiler, the condensed water recovery and utilization in the process, one end of the recovery pipe is open to the atmosphere, i.e., the condensed water collection tank is open to the atmosphere. When the lower pressure of the condensed water, can not be reached by the pressure from recycling properties, high temperature condensed water pump pressure-feeding. The advantage of this system is that the device is simple, easy to operate, a small initial investment; however, a large area of ​​the system, resulting in low economic efficiency, larger environmental pollution, and since the condensed water is directly in contact with the atmosphere, dissolved oxygen concentration in the condensed water improved, easy to produce equipment corrosion. This system is suitable for small vapor supply systems, a small amount of condensate, small amounts of secondary steam system. When using this system should minimize emissions of secondary steam.

Using Ultraten wings condensation boiler technology has greatly enhanced heat the heating rate; silicon alloy material design to achieve the depth of the condensing heat exchanger, high efficiency, high heat transfer speed. "APH the T7" ready to use the factory mode, the system design is simple and clear, i.e. security that is used, the best burner performance debugging the factory, the user can simply set up at the installation site, connected to gas, water, to a flue , it covers an area of ​​greatly reduced.

Heat pipe is an efficient heat transfer element. The heat exchanger composed of heat pipe has many advantages, such as small volume, light weight, large heat transfer power, low flow resistance and so on. The heat pipe heat exchanger is a non-contact surface heat exchanger with hot fluid. As the heating surface at the end of the industrial boiler, it can make full use of the exhaust waste heat of the boiler, improve the boiler efficiency and save energy. Can be used as heat pipe air preheater, heat pipe economizer and heat pipe water heater. The heat pipe air preheater is used to heat the combustion air, which not only can reduce the loss of exhaust smoke, but also can greatly enhance the combustion, and can effectively reduce the carbon content of ash slag and the loss of chemical incomplete combustion. Therefore, the efficiency of industrial boilers can be greatly improved. The heat pipe economizer is used to heat the boiler feed water, and the heat pipe water heater is used to heat the hot water for production and life, which can improve the utilization rate of energy, and the application is very common.

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