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The boiler can fully recover latent heat from flue gas by adopting new heat transfer fin, heat transfer element and condensate drainage structure, and the exhaust temperature can be reduced to 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃. The total pressure drop is small, the power consumption is less, that is, the flue gas pressure drop is small and meets the system requirements. Because of the high efficiency heat exchanger and reasonable configuration, the product is light weight, small size and beautiful appearance.

Wide Applications:

DZL or WNS steam boiler is mainly used in Chemical plant, Food factory, Beverage factory, Textile mills, Paper mill, Sugar Plant, etc.

Further reading: Xuedong, male, Han nationality, born in August 1964, Tongling, Anhui Province, Communist Party members. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the National Pressure Vessel and Pipeline Safety Engineering Research Center. He is the authority in the field of pressure vessels and piping of heat transfer, it specializes in high-temperature, high-pressure manufacturing issues at the state of the pressure vessel, and the Group's development has a strong bonding point. August 1986, Chemical Engineering and Equipment, Zhejiang University graduate. February 1993 - December 1995, a master's degree in chemical engineering Zhejiang University to study mechanical engineering. February 2001 - June 2004, in chemical engineering machinery Zhejiang University PhD. In November 2006, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Science and Technology Innovation Award. June 19, 2017, in Anhui Province, Anhui Province Party Conference elected as delegates to attend the nineteen Party.

Poor quality, slow development pressure hot water boiler manufacturer has developed rapidly, the emergence of product oversupply situation, some manufacturers technical weak, poor manufacturing quality, and competition among manufacturers is fierce, lower prices, and some even the manufacturers cut corners. Design is not standardized. Compared with pressure hot water boiler pressure boiler, there are notable feature, especially in the heat and water power, and therefore the structural design pressure hot water boiler should be consistent with its own characteristics. Pressure hot water boiler design but not standardized, no thermodynamic calculation for calculating and hydrodynamic design, the design pressure hot water boiler substantially in the form of an opening to the boiler on the basis of pressure only, as other configurations copy, resulting in poor water circulation boilers, waste of energy.

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