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Myth # 2: the higher the boiler water level security

Some people think that some of the high water, boiler water is not easy, security is also guaranteed. In fact, this is a misconception, the water level is too high, steam and humidity increase, poor steam quality, steam equipment will harm and production results.

CFBboiler including body systems and auxiliaryequipmenttwoparts.CFBboiler bodyarecomposeofboilerfurnaceandairdistributiondevice, loopashseparator,returnvalve,siloflueofheatingsurfaceandexternal circulatingaskheatexchanger.Themainauxiliarysystemsof circulatingfluidizedbedboilersystemincludingWindandSmoke,coalpreparationsystem,limestonepreparationsystem,ashhandlingsystem, fuelignitionsystem,thermalcontrolsystems.

Commercial Fast side condensing gas hot water boiler, using a variety of high-tech innovations, such as wings tube, a condenser, a premix, of FGR combustion technology, and the like. In thermal efficiency, footprint, energy saving and environmental protection has a significant degree of break, up to 108% of ultra-high thermal efficiency; 20% -40% reduction in footprint compared with ordinary gas hot water boiler (more suitable for shopping malls, hotels, entertainment and other smaller schools boiler room area of ​​infrastructure sites); emissions of nitrogen oxide emission standards in China is lower than the atmospheric pollution (nitrogen oxides <30 mg / cubic meter), our first-tier cities to meet stringent emission standards applicable to wider!

"Can shipped on time, not only the ability to schedule Tianjin coal-fired boiler project and the Tianjin Municipal People spend time heating, but also on our fast boiler brand image, so we have to work overtime quality and quantity the coal-fired boiler complete product supply mission. "fast square to official said. Facing short construction period, heavy task difficult, we rationalize production processes, all front-line staff hard working, eventually will be shipped on time to the boiler Tianjin, and running. After the boiler in place, Tianjin coal-fired boiler project also completed the basic preparation, coal-fired boilers, Tianjin is also a blue sky will gradually improve and advance. Tianjin transformation of coal-fired boilers, fast Boiler contributed.

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