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China is now the standard content of nitrogen oxides are mainly three: 150mg / m³, 80mg / m³ and 3mg / m³. The nitrogen oxide content of the conventional gas incineration boiler 4 ton steam catalog is about 150mg, and emissions of 30mg and 80mg belong to a low nitrogen gas boiler. Adding "premix" combustion gas boiler technology can achieve low nitrogen emissions.

The key factors affecting the price of low nitrogen gas incineration boiler 4 ton steam catalog

Low nitrogen emissions is one of the important decision-making environmental development of our country, under the general trend, low nitrogen gas boiler has become a darling of the market. According to our fast boiler understood that, since 2016, Beijing will expand the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, and then, one by one to keep up with our other provinces, more stringent emission targets, the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler without delay.

15tph SZS series gas-fired saturated steam incineration boiler 4 ton steam catalog project for building material industry

In the building material industry, the aerated concrete block is a new type of lightweight building material. With good thermal insulation properties and strong sound absorption effects, this kind of material has a broad market prospect. However, the formation of this porous lightweight aerated concrete block requires saturated steam. So, the steam boiler is very important for the production line. With advantages of energy saving and high efficiency, ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boiler is preferred by the building material industry. The capacity ranges from 2-160t/h, and the working pressure is 1.25-5.3Mpa. This series of boiler adopts a large-volume combustion chamber. An automatic energy-saving burner is equipped to ensure the complete combustion of fuel and improve combustion efficiency. Meanwhile, the combustion chamber uses a narrow-pitch membrane wall, which has good air tightness, to reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency. In addition, the boiler adopts an explosion-proof door and a flame detector to ensure the stable and safe operation of the boiler.

Stanley Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sale of fertilizer and other agricultural technology promotion of integrated services provider, has total assets of 6.3 billion yuan, more than 8,000 employees, annual production capacity of 5.2 million tons. Earlier this year, fast Boiler stand out in many incineration boiler 4 ton steam catalog brand competition, and Stanley reached a cooperation, to provide a whole 10 tons of steam condensing steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q), provide support for the heat Stanley fertilizer plant.

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