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A comprehensive national response to reduce air pollution, gradually increasing the intensity of environmental protection policies in recent years, Inner Mongolia has been committed Bayannaoer ban small coal-fired industrial boiler feed water treatments to reduce environmental pollution and improve urban air quality of the environment. According to government-led, departmental interaction of the implementation of the principles, date, a total of 295 units Bayannao'er 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and all removed, and replace the use of cleaner natural gas, biomass as a boiler fuel, which after the boiler put into use, it can function properly, the monitoring indicators in line with "boiler air pollutant emission standards."

A total ban on coal-fired boilers is an important measure to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, after Bayannao'er implementation of the "Action Blue Sky" program, in accordance with the chimney fell to the ground, boilers shift, clear standards of raw materials, since 2013, the city's 10 tons of steam All of the following coal-fired boilers complete ban eliminated, replaced by natural gas, biomass, air and other clean energy. For natural gas pipeline network built-up area is not covered within the scope of the coal-fired boilers, an alternative implementation of electrical, solar air heat sources such as comprehensive transformation.

Distinguish electric water industrial boiler feed water treatment and electric heating boiler which distinguish electric water boiler and electric heating boiler in where? Electric water boiler, also known as electric heating boilers, electric heating boilers, electric heating boilers, electric boilers bath, electric bath boiler, electric water boiler is using the latest technology and electric control system design is completed to meet the heating or hot water production and supply of life, bath automatic green boiler with hot water. Electric heating boiler is commonly used electric water boiler. Electric water heating boilers, electric heating boilers can also be electric water boiler. Electric heating boiler can be seen as an electric water boiler, electric heating boiler water temperature to 100 deg.] C does not, generally depending on the water temperature at between 50-95 deg.] C terminus, but as with the drinking water Wake the temperature of the boiler is required to heat the water of 100 deg.] C; the two works is the same, the difference is only different purposes, different water temperature only.

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1, the low-pressure industrial boiler feed water treatment

Endothermic features: low pressure boiler, a large latent heat of vaporization. The heat of evaporation, less thermal overheating;

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