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6T gas steam industrial boilers for straw 1 10 mw steam production is saturated steam it? In general yes, but it does not rule out the superheated steam. Saturated steam: soda boiling, water containing a large amount of steam; superheated steam: saturated steam heating was continued, the inside of the water into steam, a process called superheated steam is called superheated steam. Generally boiler pressure 1.6MPa, basically saturated steam; superheated steam is used to power ships, pressure 3.82MPa; special requirements but not exclusively, have seen 2.X pressure. Usually the steam temperature after the superheater is relatively high, it is necessary to cool to the desired temperature, the process temperature is called Save, Save mild surface divided spray desuperheater. Analyzing therefore saturated steam boiler or superheated steam, most direct way is to see if a desuperheater.

Those matters relating to optimal control of industrial boilers for straw 1 10 mw combustion

Boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. Under the condition that other links of power station system have been developed and perfected, boiler combustion system has become the main link of energy saving and saving in coal-fired power station. At present, with the improvement of burner technology, it has been able to adapt to the combustion of all kinds of fuels and loads, but the new requirements of energy saving and emission reduction in electric power enterprises make the combustion of utility boilers not only meet the steady combustion, It also meets the requirements of high efficiency of combustion process and reduction of pollutant emission. Therefore, further optimization of combustion process and operation is needed. Today, we'll take a closer look at it.

Biomass fuel for horizontal industrial boilers for straw 1 10 mws

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Recently, Guangdong Province issued a "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" (DB44 / 765-2019) (hereinafter referred to as the "standard").

A "standard" in the context of the implementation province domain for coal, oil, 65 tons of steam per hour and the material forming steam boiler burning fuel gas and raw, hot water boilers of various capacities and organic heat carrier boiler; stoker of various capacities, stoker furnace.

Second, the implementation of the emission limits of air pollutants specified in Table 1 of the boiler since July 1, 2019, since 2020 July 1 implementation of air pollutant emission limits specified in Table 2.

Third, the new boiler since April 1, 2019 (the date of the present embodiment standard) executed from air pollutants emission limits specified in Table 2.

Fourth, not the implementation of clean energy transformation of 35 tons of steam per hour and higher coal-fired boiler from January 1, 2021, implementation of the provisions of air pollutants emission limits in Table 3 in particular.

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