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Horizontal boiler fuel tube defines the combustion gas boiler Classified DESCRIPTION internal combustion type first horizontal tube boiler (1) horizontal tube boiler combustion, which is defined as equal to the vertical axis of the boiler furnace housing floor and the combustion chamber body. Characteristics of the hearth (2) Horizontal combustion tube of the boiler combustion chamber of the boiler. Placed in the furnace burner nozzle, the high-temperature combustion of tobacco extends back to the furnace. Reentry space (reburn chamber) after leaving the furnace, into the second return channel near the recycled (smoke duct), the second time re-entry [2] reentry times, three secondary offset, recycled, the total number of retracement no more than four times, the most common three melted down. This type of boiler can be classified into a dry back boiler and all wet back boiler, the type of re-entry structure according to the rear space of flue gas. Back burning boiler flue gas space is made of refractory material reentry, all wet back boiler flue gas space defined by the reentry of reburning immersed in the water chambers. In addition, there is again a central combustion boiler: the rear wall of the furnace tank is sealed within the furnace shell, the flue gas back to the front by the inner wall of the tank furnace. This boiler can also be considered to be fully wet back boiler. Although dry Boiler simple structure, easy to damage the refractory hearth rear, rear tube plate often directly from the high temperature flue gas cleaning, waste type belong, and is currently almost no manufacturer it. While the all-trans Boiler wet complicated structure, but it avoids the problem of the smoke seal reentry space more suitable for combustion in a slight positive pressure. Therefore, at present in most plants, this type of boiler mostly all wet-back type 2. When the boiler water tube boiler capacity of Ge / 30ampt / h, the indicators are much better than water tube boiler fire boiler. The only caveat is that the combustion characteristics of gas requires a slight positive pressure ventilation, and therefore the furnace wall are high strength and tightness. The main types of water tube boiler of D-A and O A common characteristic of these three tubes are horizontally arranged, the horizontal burner installation, easy operation and maintenance, the small height dimension, the length of the flexible and suitable for continuous production of boiler tubes. D-type boiler tube vertical type double boiler, water wall right side, the left (right) to the convection bank, economizer, or superheater O type is needed between the double boiler drum vertical tube type, the tube pan long and short pot pipe. Both sides of the front waterwall tubes bent to each other at a lower portion, and is connected to the lower header. The front portion of the burner is provided with a one-pot type A longitudinal tube. Furnace and a conduit between the convection tubes on both sides of the pot and the lower header tube composition. A burner provided in the front portion. Boiler filter belt. 3 may be provided at rear of the boiler. Vertical boiler vertical axis is a vertical boiler case of small vertical boilers. It is generally disposed on the burner top. A central hearth furnace flue gas back to the bottom cover, and washed administered formed by heating, to separate the vapor from the upper portion; burner can also be provided in the bottom, the combustion in the furnace, and then rinsing the uprising pipe, water heating the tube within the housing.

First of all, we must be clear what the phenomenon boiler when full of water failure. 1, the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; 2, steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; 3, turbine or steam pipe occurs water impact; 4, water flow is not normal is greater than steam flow. Causes gas boiler filled with water following points. 1, water supply is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; 2, or drum set on the safety valve steam header, resulting in up water or with water; 3, more evaporation boiler overload occurred priming.

Henan ago before the gas boiler unit should have the conditions to start Henan gas boiler units start should have the conditions: 1 production site site preparation, fire protection, road and sidewalk traffic flow. 2 installation or maintenance of construction scaffolding should be fully removed, the production site and clean the construction site boundaries and a clear sign. 3 newly installed or Henan gas boiler maintenance equipment was completed and trial operation acceptance. 4 drainage channel newly expanded portion flow channel and the bore tube cover complete. 5 industrial, fire protection and domestic water systems can be put into normal use, and availability of adequate fire-fighting equipment. 6 Henan gas boiler production site should have sufficient formal lighting, emergency lighting shall be automatically put in the official lighting failure. 7 Henan gas boiler and ancillary system installation or maintenance work is completed, the insulation is completed. 8 jobs each run should be a formal communication device, temporary jobs should be a reliable communications liaison facilities. 9 Run operating personnel trained qualified and made the induction certificate, capable of running the operating and fault handling this post. Henan 10 newly installed gas boiler or boiler pressure member after passing inspection and pressure-tested.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. by the Dongxu Group, Henan Province, the state-owned asset management companies and Zhengzhou Investment Holdings Limited jointly made, mainly engaged in flat panel display and solar industry design materials, manufacturing and sales operations. Sunrise Optoelectronics project has been put into a production line, the second phase will continue the expansion, three new production lines to meet the production needs of Project Phase II, Sunrise Optoelectronics urgent need to increase new boiler equipment. After investigation and screening of a number of boiler brands, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler, steam signed a 10-ton integrated condensing gas industrial centrifugal blower fan for steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).

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