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Pressure boiler furnace designed with the characteristics of the fuel pressure boiler furnace designed with the two main parts of the boiler body is characteristic of the furnace and the fuel pressure drum. Furnace, also called a combustion chamber, a fuel combustion space. The solid fuel on the grate furnace called stratified combustion furnace, also called fire bed furnace, and a liquid, gaseous or solid powdered fuel is injected into the combustion chamber in a combustion furnace, combustion chamber furnace referred to, also known as for the furnace fire chamber, a liquid, a gas or a pulverized solid fuel injected into the combustion chamber of the furnace, also known as combustion furnace; coal particles and air lift to a boiling state combustion furnace for combustion of low-grade fuel is called boiling furnace, also known as fluidized bed furnace; high-speed rotation of the coal particles by a gas flow and strongly cylindrical combustion furnace known as a cyclone furnace. Atmospheric overall configuration of a boiler furnace body includes two parts and auxiliary equipment. Boiler furnace, drum, burner, water wall superheater, economizer, air preheater, and the furnace wall, etc. The main frame member constituting the core part of the steam production, called boiler. Furnace design needs to fully consider the characteristics of the fuel used. Each boiler combustion of the original fuel should as much as possible. Different characteristics of fuel economy will reduce boiler operation and reliability. It is a natural circulation boiler drum and multiple forced circulation boiler, economizer receiving water circulation circuit connected to the saturated steam supplied to the superheater of the cylindrical container. Boiler drum is made of high quality steel plate, it is one of the heaviest components of the boiler.

Comparison on electric boilers and gas boilers analysis that is both: a wide range of aspects of the early vote gas than electric boilers cheap, how much detail should be distinguished from gas boiler brand size, with or without condensate recovery and technical maturity of all determine the price of gas boiler; brand electric boiler, the applicable type, excellent technology, quality products; create two related conditions, such as plumbing, gas station; select high and low voltage electricity, create distribution and so on. If you choose gas boiler, gas pipeline itself, it does not demand an opening fee (usually about opening expenses 100 000), if the price of natural gas at a relatively high number, it is uneconomical, though you used to buy a cheap gas boiler, but all the cost is still reasonably high, and the gas boiler full of danger, high demand for security measures. If you choose electric boiler (that is, the kind of electromagnetic boiler instead of electric heating), capital of electromagnetic boiler itself is relatively high, after all, is a product of modern, high-tech, itself is not high-tech gas-fired boiler. If a region of relatively cheap price, it is highly recommended to use electric boiler. Plus electric boiler is the new environmental protection equipment, all kinds of pollution does not occur is in line with the development trend of the times. Fully automated equipment, personnel do not need guards. Calorific value gas in a wide range of heating season / purity of non-compliance (even if the contract explicitly re-appointment), and the calorific value of more basic electrical 1: 7, the proportion of LNG to be higher, lower coal bed methane (calorific value is multiplied by the thermal efficiency of the device ). In this case, saving electricity than gas about 1/3, according to the grapevine, is expected this year, Liaoning low power dropped to less than 0.3 yuan (business), that electricity than gas savings will exceed the estimated half. Other regions such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, are relatively low price, is very suitable for power boilers. It covers an area of ​​respect, if the gas to create a gas station, then it must be a space-saving electric boiler and electric boiler is the basic module assembly, covers an area of ​​very little, according to the actual situation; and gas boiler explosion venting port and must demand of security area. Natural gas boiler manufacturers comes from the power point of view, electricity is no waste, waste gas, waste water, renewable power, gas emissions is still there, petrochemical and power is not renewable, although countries in the generosity of view, the price decline in space more large, but also more conducive to the use, in particular, Valley electric. Ultimately, if it is 30 000 m2 of non-continuous heating conditions (such as schools, shopping mall, office, public venues, factory, warehouse, etc.), advocated choose electric thermal storage boilers, the best choice for 10kv high voltage device, you can save some investment, and the province as well as policy. But if the area is less than 10,000 m2, the election 0.4kv low-voltage equipment is also good. Equipment and electric boiler is automatic operation, do not need special duty, usually around six meters do not consider lifting frame height coefficient, the heating time can be self-control, these areas are relatively municipal district heating is also very advantage. So gas boiler and electric boiler has its own advantages, depending on the actual situation in each region to decide, but to distant viewpoint in terms of selecting the electric boiler is still relatively cost-effective. In recent years, due to air pollution, coal-fired boilers were fire. Gradually immersed in people's day sideways fuel gas industrial hot water boiler coal fired price. But coal-fired hot water boiler fuel to bring our lunch together, but also brought us a little problem. That's hot water boiler should be how to maintain? Below small way to tell us hot water boiler maintenance: 1, according to the water quality around, once every six months cleaning operations, the eradication of hot water boiler scale, otherwise, simple convection tube fouling, resulting in convection duct obstruction and burn. 2, if found suction force reduction furnace, the furnace should be cleaning, the furnace door, or in the neck of the chimney with a rubber hose running water flushing. Scale furnace can be opened to eradicate the use of at least 1 year after the manhole survey scale thickness, plus cleaning detergents, can also be added 5-10kg caustic soda or hydrochloric acid 24-36h, add boiling furnace furnace cleaning wash. 3, the operation of the boiler water or hot water to stop the combustion of dry, to avoid the formation of disturbances, severe dry furnace if found, immediately interrupted heating boiler After cooling, to identify the reason, troubleshooting. Must not the temerity to add water, avoid cracking furnace hit. 4, when the winter shutdown, it is necessary to put the net water furnace, hot water boilers to avoid freezing. 5, when the summer without hot water boiler, furnace should put the net water, dry curing with lime. 6, hot water boiler operator skill necessary to operate, grasp the hot water boiler functions, procedures and processes, to eradicate illegal operation.

The boiler is capable of utilizing coal, oil, gas, electricity can be transmitted to the chemical medium, the pressure vessel is converted to thermal energy or mechanical energy, has been widely used, industrial hot water boiler coal fired prices and heating in industrial production is common to provide power type. Hot water boiler fuel can be utilized to heat the water to a certain temperature, or for heating domestic hot water.

Fast boiler reason why this bid to stand out, not only relying party in a clean boiler industry brand fast, but also in professional and technical personnel of the party fast. After Tianjin coal-fired boiler in the understanding of the transformation plan, our researchers serious investigation and analysis of Tianjin current boiler fuel usage and parameters coefficient, targeted selection of party-type water tube boiler as fast SZS the bidding of competing products . The boiler vertical type double drum "D" type arrangement, full mode waterwall sealed, positive pressure fuel chamber, heat loss is small, compact and reasonable layout, short cycle installation performance advantages, adapt to city gas, natural gas a variety of fuels, fuel combustion in large combustion chamber, a small smoke pollution, the thermal efficiency of more than 95%, reduce the heat loss to a great extent. Meanwhile in the boiler safe operation, such as using a pressure controller, pressure transmitters, water level alarm, low level alarm, safety valve, etc. furnace blast doors multiple security measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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