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industrial methanol steam boiler 1000 kw

When industrial methanol steam boiler 1000 kw inspection, the construction side, users should be forwarded the following technical data provided by the factory boilers. (1) Boilers pattern (including general view, installation diagram, FIG main pressure member and electrical lines in FIG.). Strength (2) pressure element calculations. Emissions calculated valve (3) (4) boiler quality certificates (including factory certificate, proof metal material, and the welding quality certificate proof pressure test. (5) boiler installation instructions and instructions .2, steam boiler installation the process of acceptance of the relevant information

Advantages and disadvantages of water-tube boilers SZS gas water tube boilers, gas production base in 20 t / h or more, currently SZS the most popular type of gas pipes, compares it with the fire-tube boiler, no large-diameter drum in structure, rich Alternatively the elastic bending straight pipe smoke tube, not only save metal, and others to improve the capacity of the steam parameters of the boiler to create the conditions. Water tube boiler advantages: 1, the cylinder placed outside the water tube boiler furnace, vary the volume of the furnace, the combustion and to meet the requirements of increased evaporation. 2, water tube boilers generally do not directly heated drum, in order to accommodate the tube was placed in the furnace water vapor, flue heating surface for heat transfer performance and safety can be significantly improved. 3, the water preheating boiler water, soft drinks and the steam superheater in the economizer heating surface, the water wall tubes and convection superheater completed. 4, water vapor boiler system, combustion system and the secondary system is more complex, but the structure of a single water tube boiler pressure parts is relatively simple. 5, since the water preheating boiler water, soft drinks and superheated steam is done in the tube, the tube fouling difficult to remove, and therefore require a higher quality of the water tube boiler, running, operation and management also requires a higher level. Water tube boilers Disadvantages: 1 structure is complicated, manufacturing costs than the fire-tube high, and clean up the trouble. 2. The impact caused a large scale, strict quality requirements. 3. Because the steam drum water reservoir, the water drum capacity is small, it is easy to cause priming phenomenon, the steam generating high humidity. 4. Water prolonged contact with hot combustion gases, easily damaged. The storage capacity of steam is small, so the pressure fluctuation is large.

PM2.5 is frequently mentioned in recent years, and its main premise was that the formation of NOx, according to the latest research results show in Beijing, PM2.5 and NOx emissions due to the formation of more than 50% of the total proportion of PM2.5. Because of a large area of ​​coal to gas projects in recent years, the country's use of gas-fired boiler more than 50 million units in the Beijing area, gas boiler emissions will soon exceed the vehicle, as the primary sources of NOx in Beijing, so Beijing EPA first proposed the strict NOx emission standards: Beijing new boiler to perform emission limit of 30 mg / standard cubic meter for boilers with high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, the implementation of emission limit 80 mg / standard cubic meter . The standard is much higher than the European emission standards for boilers, to the world's most demanding emissions standards in Southern California to move closer to the boiler.

ZG has recently completed a turnkey installation of the refractory lining for a 130 MW, biomass-fired CFB in Spain for a major Scandinavian boiler manufacturer. This project is the most recent addition to the ZG portfolio of successes in the global biomass power industry. Located adjacent to an associated paper mill, this boiler will burn a combination of paper mill waste and domestic waste from the town of Zaragoza to provide electricity and some steam to the paper mill.

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