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In response to national environmental policy development, improve the quality of people's living environment of the area, Guangdong Province, actively promote the industry boiler cheap price "coal to gas" action. Currently, Dongguan City, "from coal to gas," the work has entered a crucial stage, nearly two months, the city government, city atmosphere Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau has organized a thorough inspection teams to supervise the Towns "coal to gas" work . Atmospheric do inspection personnel Lurui Quan admits: "From the inspection situation, many companies on the 'coal to gas' is still in the wait and see attitude, worried about the safety and cost issues."

As of March 25, Dongguan City, 26 companies of 37 coal-fired boilers (except coal-fired captive power plant boilers), it has been out of the 17 units, 14 companies were using natural gas. In addition, 12 companies of 20 coal-fired boilers, is expected to complete phase transformation within this year.

It is expected that in the near future, all industrial boilers transform the use of clean energy, Dongguan sky will be bluer.

Fourth, multiple security

Gas hot water boiler with a further pressure protection, high-voltage protection, leakage protection, frost protection, anti-seize protection, preventing overheating protection, flame protection, anti-return air protection, anti-jam protection condensed water, smoke protection temperature is too high, the temperature NTC protection, flue blockage protection, anti-dry protection and other protection mechanisms, heavy protection, to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

Pressure industry boiler cheap price inspection need it? Is the special equipment you need pressure boiler inspection it? Is the special equipment you need pressure boiler inspection it? Is a special device? Atmospheric gas boilers is a non-pressure hot water boiler, belong to the category of civil boiler, use more secure. The top of the boiler connected to the atmosphere, there is no internal pressure, there is no possibility of an explosion. So, for the installation of pressure hot water boiler, the inspection is not required, of course, does not belong to special equipment. Pressure hot water boiler starting model must first letter C, C is the birth mother is often the case, representative of atmospheric pressure, such as: CLS vertical duct, a CLH vertical fire tube, the CLR vertical pipe, the horizontal burning CWN, continuous wave level of the external fire rail horizontal tube, vertical CLHS fire tube combustion chamber, the combustion chamber CWN level model. Pressure hot water boiler is mainly used for sterilization, heating, bathing and so on. Through the hot water circulation pump circulating the hot water tank, the water tank is continuously heated to the desired temperature, a hot water bath to wash or disinfect hospital use; heating hot water heated by the hot water circulation pipe circulating pump through the heat radiator you can achieve the purpose of heating residents.

3, used as backup.

Therefore, many boilers are many large projects using heating configuration, whenever, can guarantee the normal heating.

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