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12 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired industry pellet fired steam boiler for tissue paper for new energy industryJiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., LTD. is engaged in the R&D and production of new energy materials for lithium batteries, and comprehensive development, utilization and process of lithium resources. In order to actively respond to the call of the national new energy industry development strategy, Yongxing New Energy planned to invest in the construction of an annual output of 30,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate production projects. As the important energy equipment, the boiler provides sufficient steam heat source support for the process of evaporation and concentration of battery-grade lithium carbonate.After understanding the actual situation of the Yongxing New Energy, ZOZEN tailored the technical solution for the company: the new WNS series natural gas fired steam boiler system. This series of boilers is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, durability and sufficient output, which could fully meet the demand of steam heat source in its production line. WNS series gas-fired steam boilers adopt large-diameter corrugated furnace to ensure full combustion of fuel, with the design of threaded pipe and the condenser on the tail, the boiler thermal efficiency can be as high as 98%. In addition, this series of gas-fired boilers is a packaged structure, which means the boiler is packaged and shipped after being tested, it will save the installation time and cost of the boiler at the construction site.

Predict water shortages hot water boiler water scarcity is a common phenomenon that appears hot water boiler, usually have to pay a lot of attention. When the following phenomenon is the phenomenon of hot water boiler: a static water table does not fluctuate slightly, this phenomenon is false level, the fireman staff not recognizing, as a white water table glass 2 (tube), or pencil rod or slash-shaped plate placed behind the water table, looking through the water table, see as polylines, but continuously obtained when the stick or a slash, then the water in the water table has not, the alarm level 3 and other low-level alarm signal or an alarm device emits a low level signal is greater than the water steam flow 4, a sharp rise in temperature of the steam superheater 5, the boiler room smell burnt taste 6, 7 of the furnace top wall collapse, the drum 8, the furnace, tube furnace superheater heating surface modification, 9 Sheung heard economizer have abnormal impact or sudden leaks flue economizer four weeks, 10 take the white water vapor chimney smoke, found squib 11, inflation port detached. May only just a little hot water boiler water when the first three phenomena, would be a serious water shortage during the first three phenomena plus a phenomenon occurs. To remember.

To prevent air pollution and ecological damage, protect and improve the environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote sustainable economic and social development, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to develop and launch the "Nanjing Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," played on May 1, 2019 official implementation.

1, the implementation of energy consumption and total coal consumption control and intensity control system. City of total energy consumption and coal consumption control administrative department with the relevant departments in accordance with provincial and municipal energy conservation requirements, the preparation of periodic control energy consumption and total coal consumption embodiment, the Municipal People's Government for approval.

2, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban prohibits the sale, burning polluting fuels; prohibit new or expanded high-polluting fuel burning facilities; has been completed, should stop using within the prescribed period the Municipal People's Government, or switching to natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

4, petrochemical enterprises should strengthen the recovery of combustible gases. Flaring device should be used to deal with emergencies, not as a daily air pollution treatment facilities.

5, to encourage the production, use, or free of volatile organic compounds less volatile organic content of the feedstock and products. Surface coating, packaging, printing, furniture manufacturing and other industries should use low VOC content of products. Petrochemical and other organic solvent, the company should improve the production process, a low content of volatile organic materials and products.

6, resulting in production and business activities of volatile organic waste gas should be carried out in a confined space or equipment, and the installation of, use of pollution control facilities. Shipbuilding and other production and business activities can not be carried out in a confined space, and building (structure) building routine maintenance of live animals, roads, bridges, etc., should take effective measures to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.

And to provide for every customer remote monitoring, real-time operational data to understand the boiler, the boiler in order to protect the health of running, do low energy consumption, low emission, safe and secure, which is equivalent to each boiler is equipped with a "private Doctors".

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