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August 10, 2018, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the working pot), the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee of Professional Committee of boiler energy conservation (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) was held in Chengdu, organizational GB / T16508 "shell boilers" revision of the second meeting of the reported revision of the second meeting, the main author of this standard, pot capacity standard Committee appointed sub-standard boiler, the special committee secretariat a total of 10 experts attended the meeting.

Organized by the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, committee chairman Wang Shanwu chair. He said the main author of the unit where the standard of support GB / T16508 standard revision of thanks and hope the standard revision process experts complement each other, support each other, the GB / T16508 benchmark revision as the boiler industry standardization work seriously treat, carefully modified. Amended in accordance with the basic principles of the first meeting to determine, in addition to technical support for the "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (referred to as "Boiler Rules"), but also take into account the needs of industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises, between consideration and GB / T16507 harmonization. At the same time listen to opinions, to further enrich the standard revision work force, give full play to industry leading products representative firm.

Yung pot boiler Technical Committee Standards Committee Secretary-General Zhang Rui introduced GB / T16507.1 "The first part of the water-tube boilers: General" and GB / T16507.2 "The second part of the water-tube boilers: material" revised draft of the general framework and main content.

Money Fenghua special committee Secretary-General reported on the GB / T16508 since revised "shell boilers" start, the main author of each criterion according to the revised terms of reference and requirements, the completion of the GB / T16508-2013 "shell boilers" since the implementation of the views of summary each sub-standard and contrast "boiler rules" (issued), the sub-standard job descriptions revised terms.

GB / T16508 the sub-standard main author of this according to the relevant sub-standard content and "Boiler Rules" (draft for approval) comparing the results of the relevant sub-standard and harmonized need to modify the content of the standard version 13 implementation of the existing problems and proposed amendments analyze and explain proposed amendments focus on the sub-standard and major amendments envisaged.

Experts on key issues related to the sub-standard for the exchange and discussion to reach a consensus on major revisions of this standard and requirements.

Meeting according to GB / T16508 revision schedule requirements, arranged next phase of work, the following:

1. Revision of Standards fleshed out power to complete the Standards Working Group set up before the end of August;

2. Please carefully review the main author of each standard GB / T16508.1 ~ 16508.8 major amendments description, and recommend changes, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat by August 25;

3.GB/T16508 the sub-standard main author collected the views, modify the preparation of the draft (draft) on the basis of the draft text, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat on September 30.

When it comes to design boiler bag filter dust removal device deployment, understand the boiler dust removal industry friends should not be unfamiliar, but maybe there are some people do not understand. Next, the design of the boiler tripod designer bag filter equipment deployed to introduce you to. 1, the low pressure side impulse precipitator spray air volume penalties disposal: Disposal penalty refers wind volume of dust that can set the device to deploy a purge gas within the unit time. Means cubic meters (m3 / h) standard cubic meters per hour or per hour (Nm3 / h). Dust is one set of equipment deployment plan most stressful factors. 2, with the temperature: set the device against dust deployments that use temperature depends on two factors, the first filter is subjected to the highest temperatures, the second temperature of the gas must be above the dew point. Now, since a large selection of filter glass, which is the maximum use temperature up to 280 deg.] C, the temperature of the gas must be higher than the receiving cooling step, the temperature of the gas below the dew point temperature must be connected Cincinnati pace. Set precipitator equipment deployment, the use of temperature and dust stakeholders obedience is not significant, this difference in ESP, for ESP, the temperature change will affect specific resistance of dust and other effects of dust obedience. 3, pressure loss: precipitator equipment provided deployment pressure loss refers to the gas inlet to the outlet from the filter pressure drop, or said resistance. 4, actuation pressure: ESP set up equipment deployment and actuation pressure is static pressure fan placement and location of the device before and after the dust and given credentials, but also the dust collector equipment deployment plan set pressure value. 5, filtration rate: the filtration rate is planned to select and filter settings and equipment deployment tensions, its explanation is filtered gas through the filter rate, presumably by air flow filter and filter area.

■Biomass fuel fired only and mixed with coal fired, more economic and more flexible.

■Adopting a unique heating surface layout, boiler corrosion resistance performance enhancements, more secure and more reliable.

15 tph coal-fired water tube boilers for paper industrySteam boilers are used to provide steam in bleaching, concentration, drying and other production process of paper industry. Thai Development Industrial Paper Co. , Ltd. is one of large paper mill in Thailand, producing pulp, mechanical pulp, paper, board. Steam is an essential element in their production process. With the expansion of business and scale, the paper mill's demand for steam is increased by years. Therefore, Thai Development Industrial Paper Co. , Ltd. needs to order several sets of new steam boilers. Coal is used to be the boiler fuel in this paper mill so that they pay great attention to the combustion efficiency. After knowing their actual situation, ZOZEN’s sales manager has supplied 15tph SZL series water tube steam boilers for the company. This series of steam boiler is adaptable for all kinds of coal. Unique chain grate produced by ZOZEN is adopted for the fuel to be fully burned. Meanwhile, rational air register is designed to improve combustion efficiency. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN’s coal-fired steam boiler is 5% - 15% higher than other original coal-fired boilers.

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