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Why is safe and reliable gas boiler 1, natural gas, non-toxic, easy to distribute, the proportion of light in the air, not into the accumulation of explosive gases, is relatively safe gas. 2, with the home use of safe and reliable natural gas, will greatly improve the home environment, improve the quality of life. Oxygen gas is calculated where: 1 cubic meters of gas (calculated at 100% purity) Approximately 2.0 m3 of oxygen for complete combustion, requires approximately 10 cubic meters of air.

2017 annual dealer meeting VIP party fast boiler was held in Anyang, fast Boiler Group headquarters. The meeting to "work together to create a potential win-win future" as its theme, it is in the context of China's new economic normality in the country "coal to gas" policy opportunities and challenges of the meeting of great significance.

How to design a boiler bag filter dust removal device manufacturers to deploy: boiler bag filter is a dedicated industrial boiler precipitator, because of its high temperature, sulfur content, a major problem difficult to maintain the operation has been troubled by the environmental protection industry, in Ding boiler designed boiler bag filter has a unique advantage, it can deal directly with the dusty gas dust concentration of up to 1000g / Nm3 of gas emission concentrations after treatment is less than 50mg / Nm3, so the company focuses dust bag with the industry is R & D, according to the specific requirements of users can meet more stringent emission standards; but also different types of smoke, dust removal using a different filter, to meet the requirements of emissions, it also can be applied to dust one of the conditions in various fields; dust containing pulse valve, is the use of advanced technology, the service life of up to 100 million times; also fully automated type of controller, small air consumption, a thorough cleaning and stable performance. Then the boiler precipitator dust removal system is so efficient performance designers how to design the deployment of it?

Feedwater temperature decreases, the steam temperature rise but why? In order to improve the thermal efficiency of the entire power plant boiler, power plant boiler feedwater heaters are equipped, the heater previously called feed pump low pressure heater, after giving the high-pressure pump called the Heater. By high pressure feedwater heaters, water temperature greatly increased. For example, medium pressure feed water temperature of the boiler mostly heated to 172 deg.] C, typically heated to a high pressure furnace 215 ℃.

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