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There are three major hazards scale: 1, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the scale, during the heating process will reduce heat absorption, reducing the thermal efficiency of the korean boiler manufacturers south korea, fuel utilization drops, thereby increasing the cost of operating the boiler. 2, fouling the furnace wall temperatures will lead to increased exponentially, steel stress destruction, decreased strength, there will be serious when burst, seriously reduce the life of the boiler. 3, steam during the heating process will be integrated into calcium and magnesium ions, it will directly affect the quality of steam, at the same time as the safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure controllers and other accessories boiler fouling can cause clogging.

6 tons of hot water korean boiler manufacturers south korea heating area can meet much

According to the calculation before the party fast professional and technical engineers: one ton of hot water boiler to provide 10,000 square meters of heating area. In other words, six tons of hot water boiler to meet the 60,000 square meters of heating area. This is a very high figure in the boiler industry, the majority of boiler manufacturers produce hot water boiler can not meet this standard.

1.5tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam korean boiler manufacturers south korea project for the glassware industry

Founded in 1818, Libbey Inc. is a large manufacturer of glassware and it is also the standard maker of catering glassware industry in North American. With over 1 billion annual output value, Libbey operates 6 glass manufacturing factories in 5 countries on 3 continents. Libbey (China) Co., Ltd. was set up to develop the Asia-Pacific market. The glass tableware factory located in Langfang Hebei Economic and Technological Development Zone was put into production in early 2007. Its production capacity was up to 100 million per year. As a global company adhering to sustainable development, Libbey decided to update the existing gas-fired boilers to achieve low NOx emissions.

Recently, we learned, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province People's Government Office issued the "coastal city 2018--2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan", as follows.

Less adopt comprehensive measures to reduce coal total coal consumption, coal consumption in 2018 to ensure that the total amount of negative growth. New non-owned coal-fired units, the implementation of new large-scale coal-fired units and coal consumption capacity equal or reduction alternative.

Optimize the use of natural gas structure, in principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects, gas will adhere to the reform, orderly manner "coal to gas" project.

Carry out boiler (with tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities) an intensive investigation to establish accounting and inventory management, to develop a comprehensive remediation program in accordance with the unified deployment requirements boiler city, according to the law in accordance with regulations to increase fuel coal boiler out of efforts to achieve all cleared 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers to prevent high-polluting fuel boiler rebound has been eliminated. Boiler registration strictly prohibit new steam per hour 35 tons / hour of coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers new emission concentration to meet ultra-low emission of air pollutants, strict control of new biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers embodiments and low nitrogen urban built-up area of ​​ultra-low emission biomass boilers transformation.

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