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Benefits of horizontal biomass boiler system

What are the benefits of biomass boiler system? Should I get a biomass system?

It is understood that, recently, the ecological environment Department of Henan Province issued the "Henan electricity in 2019 non-standard governance program industry" and six special programs, mainly to further promote the campaign of air pollution control, to ensure that the province's ambient air quality continues to improve. Meanwhile, the "plan" also made clear this year Henan Province industrial air pollution control in key tasks.

The province meet the conditions of steel, coke, cement, carbon (including graphite), flat glass (including electronic glass), aluminum and other six major industries and enterprises, the requirements before the end of this year to complete the mentioned standard treatment, the required limits for reducing pollutant emissions. Carry closed down or banned brick kiln, lime kiln, tunnel kiln, firing kiln and a variety of smelting furnace, roaster and so on nine categories of Kiln, upgrading, restructuring and integration work. Before the end of October this year, all kinds of industrial furnaces to achieve discharge standards.

Before the end of June this year, the province's petrochemical, oil refining, industrial coating, packaging, printing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industrial enterprises, the full completion of volatile organic compounds pollution control; before the end of August, the province's petrochemical, oil refining companies to complete volatile organic compounds depth governance and leak detection and repair of governance; before the end of December, the provincial cities of built-up areas phasing out the open dry-cleaning machine.

Before the end of October this year, in addition to undertaking tasks and will not have the alternative livelihood conditions, the province completed 35 steam tons / h coal-fired boilers and the removal or clean energy transformation, provincial cities and county (city) district built 4 tons of steam and above gas-fired boiler, fuel (including alcohol-based fuel) boiler low nitrogen transformation complete, the provincial municipality to build a biomass boiler area (including biomass power plants) completed the first ultra-low emissions transformation. Before the end of June this year, the completion of the provincial cities to build coal-fired facilities Chaigai all industrial areas.

Boilers this important product website and keywords, learning of their work is to be taken seriously and, as the only way to reflect the importance of the product. And, for us it is also a very good opportunity to learn, so we should cherish is. And here, we will continue this topic in order to advance the learning process of the product. 1. What is the boiler MFT? Boiler MFT, whose full name is MainFuelTrip, namely boiler main fuel trip. From a professional standpoint, the MFT is a logic function, the trip condition is a variety of input and output thereof, many relays are used to stop the operation of the boiler components. So, it also has a certain importance should be given some attention.

"Premix" condensing gas boiler, give users what changes: premix condensing gas boiler is fast boiler introduced a new gas boiler, the rational allocation of fuel and air before combustion of the fuel to achieve full combustion, optimizing combustion environment, while reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions, but also improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reducing fuel consumption. Compared with ordinary gas boiler, the biggest change is that: improved thermal efficiency, reduced pollutant emissions such as nitrogen oxides.

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