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To better implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee nineteen Japanese National Assembly ecological and environmental protection, and resolutely respond Blue Sky Battle action, August 27, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, the city government announced the "small coal-fired life vacuum tube boiler for sales Qiqihar City 2018-2020 to promote the phase-out plan" (the "program"), a more concrete of small coal-fired boilers on the basis of governance "Qiqihar City, 2018-2020 tough fight pollution prevention action plan" on.

"Plan" to improve air quality at the core, to take the most effective measures for key areas of work, the various departments collaborate together to complete the task of eliminating small coal-fired boilers.

"Plan" work plan is divided into three phases:

1, before the end of September 2018, in addition to the boiler must be retained, built-up areas in the central city and the rest of the county (city) to complete a full range of 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler or elimination process.

2, before the end of 2019, each county (city) out of more than 50% of the 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers.

3, before the end of 2020, in addition to the boiler must be retained, built-up areas outside the central city and the rest of the county (city) the scope eliminate or convert 10 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers.

Because the vapor is - water heat exchanger, the entire heat exchanger coil is surrounded by a negative pressure saturated steam, in the operating state the humid air, heat transfer efficiency is much higher than the water - water heat exchanger. Therefore, a smaller volume of the vacuum life vacuum tube boiler for sale, higher efficiency, less room for better reflects the superiority of properties. And because the heat also makes soft drinks shorter warm-up time, saving operating costs.

Jingzhou upright vacuum gas life vacuum tube boiler for sale how much the yuan for us in the process of buying a vacuum in the boiler, will be exposed to professional issues. Here, the author with the public to talk about. How many vacuum boiler RMB yuan much needed primarily by the vacuum boiler host, the number and RMB, auxiliary (circulation pumps, instrumentation, full valve) needs to how much RMB burner configuration. Reason to choose how much the yuan needs vacuum boiler, mainly in comparison: brand differentiation, manufacturers, research methods, inspection, design, selection and other steel products. Which should be very important reason, such as the following: ① capacity vacuum hot water boiler manufacturers of the strength of manufacturers, directly to the decision, the standard goods. Thus, the ability of a company to remove have relatively large proportion of the market, cherish the appropriate experience. Secondly, moreover, the standard product design capability. The size of the design level, and a direct impact on commodity standard is the biggest. Directly or indirectly affect the stability of renewal after commodity, energy conservation, safety, and good operational level. Selection of standard steel net two steel, commodity research focus. Authoritative standard steel, is to protect the role of the boiler stable vacuum seal. Many second-tier brands with unqualified and non-standard steel, will cause the vacuum boiler commodities, poor stability, energy consumption, retained second security problems, and users is the case, even if modest framework procurement costs, but two in one fell swoop loss. Three automatic development level of vacuum boiler output step, cutting, coil, fusing welding, much attention should method. These three methods, than workers through manipulation, automated production, the highlight is relatively common. Thus manufacturing automation, with higher accuracy, the smallest mistakes. This is also the key factor in a large vacuum boiler brand merchandise, far better than smaller brands. Thus it developed return, but then closer to the design level, made a good standard setting. ⑷ test criteria of some domestic companies, sometimes after the harsh vacuum boiler merchandise is not present, the factory part of the test. Pressure ended, as commodity authority. This is definitely a very very irresponsible behavior. Checking the authority of the criteria must contain: test load, inert gas tests, the gap welding inspection, the degree of sealing of the inspection, and the trial period of the cycle. Essential, balanced. Only in this way we can guarantee the delivery of goods authoritative user, allowing users to use the time after the renewal, reduce substandard commodities have generated, directly affects the production of normal user behavior. e service level of 70% of second-tier brands, is a service that does not exist. Sale are appointed proxy to master. However, 70% of agency staff, and there is no standard level of strength of the team. After generating non-compliance, it will have dragged on, and sometimes can not handle the consequences. To sum up, that is, vacuum boiler how much the yuan, the direct influence of reason. Normally, there is strength, how much the yuan commodity needs a good vacuum boiler, vacuum boilers host and burners, basically, 1 ton, thousands, or so.

Vacuum life vacuum tube boiler for sale is one type of hot water boiler.The vacuum boiler is mainly classified by fuel, which can be divided into electric heating vacuum boiler, oil fired vacuum boiler, gas fired vacuum boiler, coal fired vacuum boiler, etc.ZG mainly supply 2ton,3ton,10ton,20ton and 35ton vacuum boiler and all the fuel above can be used in ZG vacuum boiler.

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