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Finally, He Jinping, vice governor visited our laboratory cleaning list of boiler accessoriess, boiler shocked layout in the laboratory, the enterprise to acknowledge in-depth study of the safe operation of the boiler. Prior to departure, He Jinping, vice governor, said: "Your company is active in this research, visit the highest gold content of science and technology, value-added security strongest companies in the field of corporate research you safe operation of special equipment, has exceeded the government. the widespread perception boiler products. "

Boiler Why salt and thermal efficiency of the list of boiler accessories is calculated on the product website and keywords, will be explained below, it is the site of this important product for the boiler, but also need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, so as to correct and reasonable use of the product and have a good effect. In addition, all of us concerned, but also hurt, at least, can increase their expertise in this area. 1. Why do you want to use to Boiler salt? Boiler use of the salt, in order to obtain a softening of demineralized water. In general, the boiler water will contain impurities, and it is hard, with this kind of Boiler water, the internal boiler prone to scale, and the scale will affect the conduction of heat and energy consumption increases. Also, there is a certain scale boiler corrosive effect wall right, but also because of the excessive heat and bulge deformation or even burst pipes, adverse consequences. Therefore, to obtain a salt of demineralized water in the boiler water, to avoid these problems. 2. How to calculate the thermal efficiency of the boiler? The thermal efficiency of the boiler, which is η expressed, and there is a corresponding formula, is as follows: Thermal Efficiency = Heat output / input heat × 100%, and to this calculation formula corresponding to the formula, are the following, It is: = boiler heat input into the boiler fuel × fuel consumption low calorie fat boiler heat output = evaporation boiler × (specific enthalpy superheated steam - boiler feedwater specific enthalpy) - boiler blowdown × (specific enthalpy of saturated steam boiler - boiler feed water specific enthalpy) - (boiler slag cooling water return specific enthalpy - slag cooling water inlet specific enthalpy) × slag cooling water 3. the low-pressure industrial boiler water quality testing, which is a specific index detection ? How nameplate is distinguished by atmospheric pressure boiler or boiler? A low-pressure industrial boiler water quality testing, detection of specific indicators, the hardness of the feedwater is, feedwater chloride, PH value of water supply, water supply and the oxygen content, total alkalinity boiler water, boiler water, PH value, chloride boiler water, boiler water phosphate boiler water and sulfite nine, if the boiler is on the tonnage of 6 tons, then it can be omitted feedwater oxygen content of a parameter. Nameplate is distinguished by atmospheric pressure boiler or boilers, mainly to see if marked on the nameplate rated steam pressure, if any, for the boiler pressure, and vice versa for pressure boilers. In addition, we need to know is, are generally steam boiler pressure boilers, hot water boiler is part of the pressure boilers.

Measures food factory gas list of boiler accessories fire prevention measures which have food factory gas boiler fire prevention measures which food factory gas boiler fire prevention have what? For food plants are some dry goods. If the improper use of the boiler, is likely to cause a fire. In this case, that will cause great losses. So, for food plants, it must be for measures to prevent fires do carefully. Otherwise, if indeed there is a fire, then the loss caused by the food factory is immeasurable. 1, fire prevention measures (1) when food factory gas boiler ignition before combustion, as in the gas boiler has been filled with combustible gas remaining, so before combustion, to be launched first delivery, induced draft fan forced ventilation 5-10 minutes, plenty of gas replacement in the furnace, the eradication of combustible gases in the furnace to boost the normal combustion, a combustion burner from scratch unsuccessful demand, must be ventilated before combustion to the hearth again, plenty eradicate combustible gas. When selecting manual burning, manual and commissioning is difficult to ensure accuracy, according to the rules of supervision regulation, gas boiler active protection device to device, including active combustion, flame protection, burning and automatically adjust the necessary proactive alerts protective equipment. (2) When the furnace temperature is low or when wetter, difficulties due to combustion, the need to take appropriate measures to preheat the furnace. (3) in the intake pipe in front of combustible gas nozzle, the device should the pressure gauge. (4) If the calm flame, the combustible gas is fed immediately discontinued, only for air, the ventilation, then the combustion operation. (5) To prevent the onset of bursting gas boiler during combustion, it is necessary to check before the gas pressure in the combustion in the intake pipe, when the pressure to meet the requirements, then the furnace was purged using a blower, eradication explosive mixture in the furnace. Should strictly abide by burning first combustion gas after opening the guidelines. 2, food factory fire prevention measures (1) prevent gas boiler work off the fire: combustible gas burner output is too large, the flame will disengage burner, too many episodes of incomplete combustion of the combustible gas, a lot of memory product in the furnace blast mixed gas, there is a risk of explosion at any time. Therefore, we should pay attention to fire off phenomenon, specific measures are: a, stable embodiment of the flame; B, to adjust the air-fuel ratio near the theoretical mixture ratio; C, artificially increased combustion speed; D, adhere to stable pressure of the combustible gas; E, reducing the discharge velocity of the fuel. (2) prevent tempering: flammable gas output is too small, the flame will be retracted into the combustor, the boiler operation and stable flame without flame. After the moment continuously into a combustible gas, the combustible gas reaches the limit blasting, blasting rattling. Prevent tempering phenomenon approach are: a, the minimum discharge rate increase; B, it is necessary that the fuel discharged from the nozzle velocity greater than the burning velocity, i.e. adhere to the furnace pressure (3) into the post-combustion process until a stable condition , the supervision to be good combustion conditions, pay attention to conditioning the combustion air flow, stable combustion pressure, a stable flame can burn. (4) to cut chimney smoke, the Mars and pollute the environment, flaming chimney should be comprehensive treatment, such as smoke and dust removal equipment and Mars quell equipment. (5) in normal operation, can not pay attention to cold and hot temperatures, to prevent the onset of bursting. 3, to prevent severe food shortage in gas-fired boiler plant boiler severe lack of water or dry out somethin 'somethin' is a kind of chemical, oil-producing boilers throughout the attack. Fireman to supervise closely the timing of the water level in the boiler operation time in Sheung Shui, the water level indicator to check whether a job is often normal, the sewage discharge dirt cleaning process.

Select condensing list of boiler accessories, give users any significant benefit "condensing boiler" As a new boiler, in recent years, and gradually into the public view and has been used, but there are still many users are not very understanding of condensing boilers, to choose whether you want to condensing boiler as a corporate power and energy more hesitant. In fact, the condensing boiler uses a new technology, which is condensing technology, condensing boiler and combustion principle premix combustion air and gas mixing ratio in accordance with the best combustion efficiency is improved. Next, fast boiler will introduce condensing boilers What are the advantages, select it, and give users any significant benefit. 1, modular division, simple operation simple terms, is to a large overall capacity of the boiler in accordance with the rules into a number of small capacity boilers, this is the boiler module. Thus it can be said boiler module by the number of "simple parallel combination" may reach the size of any single boiler, and can reduce maintenance cost, boiler house part of the system (including soft water preparation system, automatic control system, a gas system, etc.) near to smart, no special guard, can effectively reduce the management and staff labor costs. 2, low load, high load output efficiency condensing boiler, the higher the efficiency; the lower the contrary. Therefore condensing boiler at low load, high efficiency operation, and the higher annual average efficiency, not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the cost of running late. 3, premix combustion system efficiency depends on the mixing ratio of the combustion gas and air and a combustor quality, variable frequency fan condensing boiler technology, according to the load demand, the flexible adjustment of the air amount; while adjusting the amount of gas condensing boiler precise adjustment techniques ratio both remain at the optimum mixture ratio, to ensure complete combustion. Unique water-cooled burners, the flame temperature is rapidly lowered, improve the combustion efficiency while ensuring low emissions of harmful substances. From the advantages of condensing boilers above three aspects, factory direct sales of condensing boilers can provide more heat in the boiler on the same fuel consumption, but also has a condensing boiler environmental protection, energy conservation, safety of many advantages, but in today's resources so tight under the situation, the condensing boiler will certainly come out on top in the market, more and more use.

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