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The role and principles locomotive steam atmospheric boiler dealer deaerator? Deaerator head type and there is no sub-head type deaerator, generally matching the boiler deaerator has a head type, large unit 1000t / h or more no-column type deaerator.

Why not use hot water locomotive steam atmospheric boiler dealer plant boiler water, depending on its location and role, and can be divided into the following categories: 1. raw water (source water), also known as raw water, who refers to natural water without any treatment. The main raw water from the river water, well water or city water supply and so on. 2. The feed water directly into the boiler, the boiler is vaporized or heated boiler feed water used is called. Feed water and makeup water is typically produced by mixing two parts together return. 3. boiler feed water in the operation due to the sampling, sewage, leakage, etc. to lose some of the water, and the production backwater contamination can not be recycled, with or without steam backwater, it must meet the quality requirements of make-up water, which is part of the water called makeup water. Makeup water is removed outside the boiler feed water recovery amount of production, that complement of supply. Because there are two set of boiler feed water quality requirements, it is generally to go through the proper process makeup water. When the boiler does not produce backwater, make-up water is equivalent to water supply. 4. After the heat produced when the return water using steam or hot water, which condensate or low temperature water should be recycled, recycling this water is called return production. To increase the proportion of water backwater occupied, not only can improve water quality, but also reduce the workload of the production of make-up water. If steam or hot water has been seriously contaminated in the production process, it can not be recovered. The softened raw water is softened, so that the total hardness reaches a certain standard, which is referred demineralized water. Referred to as soft water. 6. The system pot boiler running the water flowing in the water boiler is called. 7. The waste water referred to boiler water in order to remove impurities (excess salinity, alkalinity, etc.) and water, the pot residue water suspension in order to ensure compliance with GB1576 boiler water quality standards, it is necessary to discharge a portion of the pot away from a certain portion of the boiler water, this water is called blowdown operation 8. the cooling water for a water boiler boiler cooling accessory device, referred to as cooling water. Cooling water is often raw water

Fast one side condensing steam locomotive steam atmospheric boiler dealer complete protection, safe and reliable, more than 10 kinds detector guard, round protection boiler safety; proprietary condenser can maximize thermal efficiency, low environmental discharge; Chinese full touch control interface, let operational status at a glance; the use of ND steel and steel and aluminum hybrid materials greatly extend the life of the boiler.

You have to know the energy consumption of locomotive steam atmospheric boiler dealer problems (heat loss) 1, Boiler heat loss problems arising 1.1 insulation materials selection does not meet the technical requirements. 1.2 insulation material physical and chemical properties do not meet the technical requirements. 1.3 insulation construction technology and service do not meet the technical requirements. 1.4 insulation material expansion joints mishandled. 1.5 temporary repair is not timely recovery equipment insulation or insulation effect is not good after the removal of insulation. 2, measures to solve the problem at least once insulation testing, testing the insulation quality of 2.1 per year. 2.2 the surface temperature of the heat transfer member should be exceeded insulation, insulation work, paying particular attention to the valve flanges, elbows, etc., it is detached and loose insulation should be repaired. 2.3 pairs of top sealing structure, the furnace lining, the furnace wall portion of the combustor where insulation checking process. 2.4 pairs of roof and wall furnace boiler tightness poor, should adopt new materials, new processes or measures to reform the original structure to be addressed. 2.5 The use of the site and the desired physical and chemical properties of the material, the selection of qualified insulation material. 2.6 The case of rigor boiler wall and the sealing cap, the heat pipe device and the surface temperature or heat loss, and the excessive insulating structure, determining maintenance items. 2.7 strengthen thermal equipment, piping, valves, insulation monitoring and maintenance, the insulation effect should be included in A / B repair project completion and acceptance, insulation in good condition should be included in the C / D repair, eliminating defects and routine maintenance shutdown lack of consumer acceptance of the project.

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