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Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam lotee chemical boiler detail project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Whether it is from the point of view of environmental protection or energy transformation, industrial lotee chemical boiler details will be faced with the transition from the extensive to the development direction of energy saving. Out of high pollution and low efficiency of coal-fired boiler, into the use of high efficiency, low pollution gas boiler, is imperative.

In general, the design of the hotel are large in size, number of rooms, the system is more complex. Usually five or more layers, or an area of ​​more than 3,000 flat heating plate for the installation of some of the proposals, a portion of the hot water pressure tank provided with or look open tank, the pressure tank is relatively simple system, (typically small-scale hotels will use pressure tank), open tank depends on the position of the entire system is installed, if the upstairs is relatively simple, but if you put in the basement lotee chemical boiler detail room, you need to increase booster pump or variable-speed pump. So we want to reduce upfront cost of the cost of the hotel, as far as possible the entire heating system installed on the roof position.

Boiler water treatment for food and beverage industry

Boiler water treatment for food and beverage industry.So, what is different about chemical treatment of boilers at food plants?

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