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If it is simply the use of heating radiator, then do not add gas boiler plate heat exchanger, because the hot water boiler is directly into the heating system, and to the middle of the gas boiler and pipe network system cycle. This part of the hot water is stable, does not require additional plate heat exchanger.

New Year period, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province seized by special pressure class inspectors seize the time, nonstop, through the tireless efforts have seven working days, the time limit runs successfully completed the Tongchuan city water quality testing and inspection work hundred sets of heating boilers.

In recent years, with the state-owned enterprises "three for one industry," the pace of the transfer of a separate depth step by step, in 2019, Tongchuan City Gas Co., Ltd. and Tongchuan Mining Co., Ltd. together for the original Tongchuan Coal mining companies and construction companies and their subsidiaries heating boiler units of unified management, are responsible for heating in winter work Yintai District and Wang Yi district within the city limits and nearly 30 residential units.

After receiving the application of these reported that construction of heating boilers, special prosecutor of the city leadership attaches great importance to immediately convene all pressure classes held inspectors "to ensure safety, promote harmony" will mobilize, deploy test the backbone of the boiler units get together and reported in accordance with inspection, quantity, wide distribution and other characteristics, develop a reasonable and effective inspection plan, centralized arrangements for the inspection of boiler units, inspectors have extensive under the jurisdiction of the Meiyuan district, dragon community, nearly 30 residential and hospital infrastructure companies run first-line heating boilers, boiler to run one by one test, carried out investigation and security risks, all currently in operation has successfully completed a water quality testing and inspection of boilers, boiler inspection a total of 101 units, 90 water samples boiler. In the access to information process safety management of the outstanding problems that exist in the use of boiler units, in accordance with the relevant regulations and safety requirements of technical specifications, targeted proposed guidance. During the inspection the boiler, for general questions, on-site supervision and the use of units of the rectification. Meanwhile, the inspection found two Royal River Area of ​​boiler pressure parts leak is still sick to run for the safety problems on the spot requires the use of units to stop using the site issued a "special equipment inspection and opinions notice" to use the unit under and timely reported to the Council and served on equipment safety supervision departments seat safety supervision departments to actively supervise the use of the unit for rectification, at present, the use of hidden problems rectification units have been completed, the re-examination confirmed that security risks have been eliminated, effectively guarantee the safe and stable operation of the boiler .

To ensure safe operation of the gas low investment steam boiler at the same time, also to achieve energy saving operation, as follows: 1, gas boiler blowdown number of not too much, to avoid excessive heat loss; 2, during boiler operation, the proposed transfer large, small load transfer operation, shutdown is not recommended, and the like start continuous operation; 3, fireman to be noted that the boiler water quality monitoring, timely replacement of the resin, the effect to ensure the operation of the boiler; 4, note that the monitoring of exhaust gas temperature, the temperature is too high will take away the smoke a lot of heat, wasting nor environmentally friendly.

Therefore the use of boilers in food factory is very common. But how to choose the right food factory boiler also needs to pay attention to many problems. The selection of low investment steam boilers in food factories needs to take into account the maximum amount of steam required for production to meet the peak production requirements. In some production processes, steam will come into contact with food, which requires a higher level of steam, and the boiler also needs to use edible water when it is used. Food factories cause certain pollution to the environment during the production process, so it is more appropriate to choose a clean and efficient boiler.

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