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Shandong increasingly sophisticated in recent years, along with the steam low pollution boilers home depot heat absorption skills [10-11], the use of heat absorption end skills can use the depth of flue gas heat, absorption heat pump system using a cryogenic cooling medium occurs, so that the flue gas lower exhaust gas temperature, waste heat recovery is more complete, a lot of water vapor is condensed, energy conservation and environmental protection are more significant role, this road skills have been gradually recognized by the industry and highly valued. [12] describes this skill, and in relation to the waste heat recovery systems and equipment for the planning and equipment development of experimental and theoretical research of heat transfer, condensation heat transfer equipment, and successfully used in several successive boiler room.

2019, Nanjing for more stringent ozone pollution, for volatile organic compounds, governance and control measures nitrogen oxides unabated.

Nanjing Ecological Environment Agency staff members at atmospheric introduction, with the recent temperature increases, there has been a trend in some parts of ozone exceeded. This summer, the environmental protection department will introduce stricter air pollution control measures, starting from the two aspects of governance volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides to reduce ozone pollution.

It is understood that Nanjing will be completed this year 44 companies VOCs governance and thermal power, cement, bricks and other building materials industries fugitive emissions-depth treatment in the city in batches with a gas-fired boiler 936 units, the implementation of the nitrogen oxides governance Sector Engineering; city station 475 to achieve ultra-low emission particulate biomass boilers, for the privately polluting fuels blended biomass boilers embodiment eliminated. It is worth mentioning that the revised "Nanjing Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," to be implemented next month. Among them, organic solvents, paints use, as well as volatile organic compounds corporate governance and management have put forward new demands.

Low nitrogen low pollution boilers home depot manufacturers tell you the main advantage of low nitrogen boiler to the boiler are you talking about low nitrogen know whether it, in fact, as an environmentally friendly, new, efficient products, high-quality wear-resistant low-nitrogen boiler will vary with the level of China's homegrown continuous improvement and innovation, there will be more improved performance, there will be other, more core strengths show up in the future. Here to tell you a low nitrogen boiler manufacturers related advantages. 1, a low nitrogen emissions profile view, a low nitrogen back structure boiler, furnace door wide open, a large combustion furnace full hybrid form. Further, a low nitrogen boiler flue gas is used the outer loop (of FGR), premix combustion surface of the core technologies, the NOx emission standard value reaches the boiler, the boiler configuration blue flame burner, NOX emissions as low as the corresponding International Emission Standards. 2, the heat transfer efficiency, the low nitrogen good boiler installation to include efficient condenser, a threaded pipe, including high-tech equipment, greatly optimized heat transfer calculation, and enhance heat transfer performance of the boiler, improving thermal efficiency, it to a large extent reduce the boiler operating costs. 3, high-quality selection of well-known, long service life is the ultimate goal of selection. High-low nitrogen low-pressure boiler smoke tube boiler seamless selection, such as the smoke tube to ensure safe passage, the combustion intensity in the same circumstances, create a seamless pipe to ensure high quality and durable low-nitrogen boiler. 4, a key to start and stop the boiler as a low nitrogen large-scale processing equipment, the need for accurate operation of security. But because of the complex internal structure of the boiler, at startup and shutdown when there is more cumbersome steps. Good low nitrogen boiler extremely intelligent, modern controller, you can easily do automatic operation of the boiler system, accurate requirements. In actual operation, just push the button, we can complete the work start and stop the boiler. 5, safe operation of the boiler system information transmitted via the Internet to the terminal, after-sales do not need to enter the boiler to run the site, you can learn cause of the malfunction, thus saving boiler maintenance costs, and improve after-sales efficiency, reduce customer economic losses. These help about low nitrogen boiler five advantages we summarize by low nitrogen boiler manufacturers, it is because of these advantages, low nitrogen boiler will attract more and more attention. It has been low nitrogen boiler for people not familiar with these for all to see it.

The reason is that we are mounted in the low pollution boilers home depot temperature sensing device, the sensors during operation equivalent to our human eye, the accuracy of the boiler operation to transfer data in the form of boiler control means, the control means after receiving the information to automatically adjust the temperature, thus completing the automatic control of the temperature of the gas boiler.

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