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low pressure 2000kg horizontal chain dzl boiler

Steam low pressure 2000kg horizontal chain dzl boilers in various industries of basic necessities have been large-scale use is the main driver of industrial production. Many people know that steam boiler through fuel combustion releases heat, coupled with the hot water output temperature steam; but the details are poorly understood. As the saying goes: success depends on details, only a real understanding of the steam boiler, let it get to maximum efficiency.

Food is food industry is human life industry, but also an ancient and eternal evergreen industry. Industrial steam low pressure 2000kg horizontal chain dzl boiler as an integral part of the chain, is mainly used for processing of distillation, extraction, sterilizing, drying, curing and other processes. Anqing City, Anhui Province is located in the Want Want Foods Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in all kinds of puffed food processing and manufacturing and sale of steam boiler steam delivered directly or indirectly in contact with food, thus requiring the steam quality is very high. Due to expanding production needs, Want Want Foods in urgent need of a boiler plant to provide high-quality steam. After a comprehensive understanding of the boiler industry, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler. Want fast square perennial cooperation with the country's food company, it has considerable experience of cooperation. By understanding the needs of the Want Want food production, providing a whole 10 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).

10 tons of gas hot water low pressure 2000kg horizontal chain dzl boiler depreciation calculation depreciation is due to the gradual loss of fixed assets transferred in the course of the merchandise or the cost of that part of the value to go, but also business due to the use of fixed assets used in its production process assessed useful life of fixed assets cost money. 10 tons of gas hot water boilers are industrial boiler, equipment belonging to the class. In accordance with the Enterprise Income Tax Law, depreciation of fixed assets a minimum period of 10 years, residual rate set at 5% or 10%. If the 10 tons / hr of a gas hot water boiler for heating use, should process equipment, mutatis mutandis, the age of 10 years. In calculating the depreciation of fixed assets, in addition to foreign-funded enterprises to deduct the residual value according to the proportion of 5%. Assuming that the cost of 10 t / h of gas hot water boiler purchase of 500,000, the annual depreciation amount of the boiler: 500000- (500,000 * 5%) / 10 = 497,500 yuan. Suppose residual rate set at 5%, is expected to use for 10 years, the 10 tons / hour of industrial gas boiler depreciation rate = (1-5%) / 10 * 100% = 9.5% of the 10 t / h of gas hot water boiler monthly depreciation rate = 9.5% ÷ 12 = 0.79%. The monthly depreciation 10 tons / hour gas hot water boiler = 0.79% * 500,000 = 3950 yuan. In recent years, as an environmentally friendly gas-fired boiler to get the type of boiler widely welcomed by all walks of life, whether it is the depreciation rate for the gas boiler, the initial investment, annual operating costs and environmental aspects of government policy, gas boiler has played a great advantage. If you want to know more aspects of the gas boiler, please feel free online consultation fast Boiler Co., Ltd.

First, at this stage, gas low pressure 2000kg horizontal chain dzl boiler water treatment problems 1. boiler water treatment work is inseparable from lack of attention to industrial boiler equipment, but in many of the user site, we found that many boiler operators do not pay attention to the boiler water treatment, sewage and also regularly carry out checks, there is a large degree of danger. The main reason for this phenomenon is harmful to business managers and staff did not realize that not treat boiler water, over time, will produce boiler scaling, corrosion and other problems. 2. boiler water treatment method is not correct in the actual production and living, the boiler is used to contain a wide variety of liquid. But some staff do not know that for different kinds of liquids what action should be taken; some companies using a simple boiler water treatment equipment. These factors can pose a security risk to the boiler, resulting in security incidents. 3. Staff overall quality is not high and some staff members did not follow the rules and regulations of boiler water for testing. In addition, there are a number of operators of professional quality is not high, so that work is not high efficiency boiler water treatment, resulting in the deviation of the test results. There are even some staff members will laboratory data on fraud to fool the upper management.

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