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lpg and waste heat steam boiler

Condensing lpg and waste heat steam boiler used to warm the pipe does not cause local low pressure condensing steam boiler steam suddenly not send warm the pipe inner steam pipe freezes, forming a localized low pressure steam condensate entrained impact to a lower pressure, water hammer occurs waterhammer pipe can deform bad shock, damage to insulation, the pipe can be serious when shattered. Thus the steam must be sent before the heating pipes. Condensing steam boiler before the heating pipe, the first open all traps on main steam line discharging condensate accumulated in the steam pipe, and then slowly open valve main steam condensing steam boiler of about half a turn (or slowly opens the bypass valve), so that a small amount of steam into the pipe, so that the temperature gradually increased, until the pipeline is fully warmed up and then condensing the steam boiler main steam valve is fully open. Isolation valve between the conduit and the boiler when the boiler is running simultaneously several, when a new condensing steam boiler into operation if the main steam isolation valve is connected to the main steam pipe valve also require heating pipes. Warm-operation may be performed in the above stated method, it may be open all the trap before the main steam valve and the isolation valve in the condensed steam boiler Stokes, using steam generated in the boiler during the boost to slowly warm. With the boost heating boiler pipes and boost heating up, so not only eliminates the need for time to warm the pipe, but also safe and convenient. Single boiler operation. The steam pipe is not long, this method may also be employed for heating pipes. When heating pipe, such as pipe expansion and found to support and hanger has not normal, or large shock sound, indicates that the temperature rise is too fast heating pipe, the steam supply to be slow speed, i.e., slow down steam valve opening speed, to extend the warm-time. If the sound is too large earthquake, steam valve should be closed immediately stopped and opened the big trap to warm the pipe, to be carried out to identify the cause and then eliminate the fault. After heating pipe, closing the trap on the pipe. After preheating steam pipe, the steam supply can be carried out, and the furnace.

A natural circulation boiler

In the boiler of natural circulation, water pressure-fed by the feed pump, the economizer heat into the evaporation system, the downcomer in the furnace outside, not heated, the working fluid flowing in the pipe water; in the heated evaporation pipe, the flow of the inner tube soda compound. Since the vapor density less than the density of water, so that the water drops of the inner tube greater density than soda mixture in evaporator tubes. Under the effect of the difference in density, the lower header on both sides of the working fluid pressure imbalance exists, so as to promote the flow of the working fluid circulating in a closed system evaporation.

Condensing boiler safety accessories on what kind of what its role is: condensing boiler pressure vessel, the pressure is too high to avoid soft drinks even more than the maximum vessel pressure range value, or because of severe water shortages and Shanghai pot handle mistakes in the operation, condensing boiler can cause explosions and other accidents.

February 21, spring day, the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of China Zhi Gong Dang, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Jiang Zuojun director of the Central Monitoring Committee accompanied by relevant leaders of Anyang, fast Boiler visit the company headquarters and to carry out research. Jiang Zuojun first visited the company's R & D Center Exhibition Hall, a detailed briefing accompanied by Mr. Luhai Gang's Group President. Mr. Jiang Zuojun listened carefully to the President on various aspects of History and products, production technology, market applications and so on.

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