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The way to recover condensate from Boiler

how to recycle: The boiler condensate recovery system recovers the high-temperature condensate discharged from the steam system, which can maximize the utilization of the heat of the condensed water, save water and save fuel. Condensate recovery systems can be broadly classified into open recovery systems and closed recovery systems.

Production process gas steam lpg boiler service plan are: cutting, roll round, welding, testing, assembling, testing and assembly.

Now, depending on performance requirements or environmental requirements, gas boilers can be divided into several series, whatever series, meet the conventional production process.

How to determine the type and oil-fired lpg boiler service plan which needs to be set to adjust? Boiler oil-fired boiler this kind, because it is one of the website products, so that learning and understanding, have already begun, and, for now, has not reached the intended learning objectives and requirements. So, based on this, then, might this work will be continued, so that can accelerate learning, so that we can compliance as soon as possible. 1.1 tons of fuel boiler, if its output one ton of steam per hour, then its fuel consumption is as much? 1 ton oil-fired boiler, if its output is steam, then, it is to fuel steam boilers. If, for one ton of steam, then, fuel consumption of the boiler, by calculating the know is that probably about 70 liters, but the specific, depends on the design of the boiler thermal efficiency and power ratings of these two . Further, the higher the thermal efficiency of the design, the less fuel consumption. 2. The oil-fired boilers, which have requirements for fuel quality it? In addition, how to determine its type? Oil-fired boiler, its fuel quality, no requirements, as long as the quality standards, you can. To determine the type of boiler, in general, is determined according to the boiler parameters. In the specific parameter is rated evaporation, rated steam temperature and pressure, water temperature, rated thermal power, water and return water temperature, fuel consumption, power consumption, and the design of the fuel and the like, are very important, so, are indispensable.

In order to further standardize Xuzhou City, air pollution control construction and operation management, protecting and improving the quality of the environment, prevent environmental pollution, introduced the "Xuzhou City in 2019 the thermal power industry, air pollution control basic norms." For the raw fuel storage, handling, transportation, storage byproducts, transport, collecting and centralizing the flue gas treatment systems and other aspects of the essence of the specific requirements.

First, all coal-fired units desulfurization facilities required to install, in addition to coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler units to be installed denitration facilities, coal and biomass fuel units to be equipped with efficient dust removal facilities. Desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal device processing capabilities must meet the production needs, we must be able to maintain long-term stable operation, must be professional manufacturers design, produce qualified products. Exhaust pipe shall be provided with permanent sampling ports and in accordance with national and regulatory requirements related to the construction of Jiangsu Province.

Second, the boiler produces air pollutants must be in accordance with national standards and requirements related to Jiangsu Province, construction of flue gas collection systems and centralized purification facilities, flaring has been the implementation of "coal to gas," "dry FGD" and included in discontinued closure plan outside the coal boiler, and the rest are required to install the cooling and dehumidification systems, and to ensure proper operation.

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