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It is reported that in March 28, the Office of the ecological environment in Gansu Province on environmental governance ecology, held a press conference. Will be mentioned in: 2019, Gansu Province will improve air quality for the goal, to strengthen air pollution control work. 2019 air pollution prevention and control measures are: to adjust the energy structure, clean winter heating in an orderly way, and then completed more than 400,000 rural residents warm Tukang years Tuzao, small stove coal to gas, coal to electricity or clean coal replacement project; built a sound 86 counties (cities, districts) focused on coal distribution system, formulate issued "the province's reservoirs (for sale) coal yard special clean-up remediation work plan" to carry out the coal market, coal quality control special inspection inspection, serious investigated sales of low quality coal, coal yard dirty and messy and other issues.

1, adjusting the industrial structure, the implementation of "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation special action, complete ban before the end of the relocation, renovation work; continue to promote urban built-up area of ​​heavily polluting enterprises relocation, renovation or off exit, according to the law to promote backward production capacity in accordance with regulations can quit, support and foster a number of competitive energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises.

2, accelerate the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions of thermal power, steel and other key industries, before the end of the year plans to complete within 10 coal-fired thermal power ultra-low emission renovation (except long discontinued); implementation of key enterprise organized, unorganized emission control standards by the end of before the completion of discharge standards smelting production company boiler.

100,000 square heating using pressure hot water main specification of boiler pressure hot water boiler or heating using 100,000 square pressure hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler or heating using 100,000 square pressure hot water boiler or pressure hot water boiler heating needs 100,000 square meters select at least 20 tons of hot water boiler. Boiler pressure does not apply to a boiler larger than 1 ton. Accordingly, the recommended pressure boiler are as follows: 1, high-pressure boilers energy consumption since no pressure boiler, the boiler can not overcome the hydrostatic pressure end of the system, static pressure end of the system can only be overcome by a circulation pump sag. Therefore, the atmosphere should be strictly called boiler circulating pump pressure pump, which should include at least lift force and maximum static pressure of the building, the pump head is much higher than the boiler pressure, boiler pressure much higher than the pump power. 2, the boiler water pressure boiler pressure loss is greater atmospheric pressure fluctuation, the condition is unstable, and loss of water systems. If the boiler is small, it is best supplemented with tap water. If supplementary water softener, operating costs will be much higher. Thus, the general pressure boiler make-up water with tap water. But the quality of tap water, especially in the northern hard water, tap water replenishment sh boiler tube Bouquet scaling is very serious, greatly affect the life of the boiler. 3, corrosive atmospheric pressure boiler boiler is self-contained, its oxygen permeability severe corrosion and oxidation than pressure boilers. Thus, the system piping and equipment must be processed through the boiler atmospheric oxidation. Since China's technology was not mature, widely used products on the market basically is not possible, therefore, oxidation corrosion of pipelines and terminal equipment and the use of scrap speed Boiler pressure much faster. Based on the above three, atmospheric boiler only for small-scale projects, the demand is not high pressure boiler 10 square heating should be selected.

The following are specific measures:

1, temperature can be used, very good heat insulating effect of the ceramic tube to pull the side seam before the protective tube plate back to the combustion chamber, not only the construction is simple, and prevention of cracking tube plate better.

2, the laying of the refractory cement smoke tube inlet, can effectively reduce the influence of radiation and flue gas flushing hot water boiler for a three return back to the combustion chamber of the tube plate.

20 ton Industrial Boiler Coal Fuel Economic Benefits Reconstruction measures described in this article have been successful in some of the chain grate main specification of boiler in a city. Transformation of the former boiler pan is 24360kJ / kg bituminous coal, tons of steam coal consumption 170kg. After the transformation constant burning coal, tons of steam coal consumption dropped to 150kg. Before and after the transformation of tons of steam coal reduced consumption of l1.8%. For a 20t / h evaporation of Stoker, one hour to save 400kg bituminous coal. 5000h-year run calculation, the annual savings 2000t bituminous coal. Of 500 yuan a ton, a year to save one million yuan. A 20t / h evaporation of Stoker, the implementation of integrated governance reform mentioned in this article, the renovation cost is estimated at l0 million. After the transformation of more than one month can recover all the investment.

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