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Condensing manufacturer steam water pipe boilerss in the initial design to integrate a variety of intelligent control system that can simulate operating in accordance with the design of the system, learning how to operate it matters condensing boilers in the boiler before buying in advance.

Overpressure stop furnace and timely relief; low water level is not automatic replenishment, immediately replenishment manually; the (automatic or manual) stop switch transposed, and the relief after replenishment until normal reheating.

2, the control cabinet when overpressure occurs, phase, low water level, the high level alarm, press the mute button to check the cause of the malfunction and immediately removed; if the alarm is not more than 3 minutes in time, easy to burn bell.

3, in case when the phase indicated: A, to check whether the power supply phase. B, check the bell is burned out. C, check the contactor coil, a transformer, etc. is burned. After completion of the above problems troubleshooting timely replacement element, and the secondary fuse circuit, fault and inform the manufacturer in case of complex or repair guidance.

4, when the frequent replenishment, check whether the water supply pump check valve failure, fill the water tank upside down, shutdown should be promptly repaired or replaced.

5, regular (two weeks) to check the boiler water quality so that it meets the requirements, the need to frequently boiler blowdown.

6, on a regular basis (7-15 days) to check water level gauge scale and clean the electrode can be shutdown if necessary check.

Supporting steam manufacturer steam water pipe boilers water treatment What are the benefits? There are a lot of people ask ancillary steam boiler water treatment What are the benefits? , Water treatment and the role of large steam boiler, is an important element to ensure the normal operation of steam boilers, now introduce steam boiler water treatment package What are the benefits? No matter what kind of boiler are very high water quality requirements, especially if the user's local water quality check, so have fatal impact on the boiler, and demineralized water treatment play a role, if not handled properly it will cause water steam boilers furring duct obstruction, not only wastes fuel but also cause accidents such as burst pipes, boiler may also cause serious scrapped, if not scale water treatment but also regular cleaning with chemicals every year, this method can effectively moment, but the boiler would have been affected, to cleaning chemicals can corrode the boiler pipes, long-term use of chemical cleaning is very dangerous for the boiler. It is important because the boiler water treatment, water treatment must be certified good job.

The party went into the fast production workshop, no messy arrangements and accessories, there is no dust swirling ash, the eye, is planning neat accessories and display area coverage of more than 95% of intelligent production equipment. Under CNC plasma cutting machine materials, robotics welding, CNC drilling machines and other large smart devices directly to the overall production efficiency of the manufacturer steam water pipe boilers increased by more than 70%, the fastest just need a boiler manufacturing from start to transport the factory for 30 days. Follow the "Internet +" development trend, the Group invest heavily in research on remote monitoring system for boiler, research and development cloud service system is to become a national initiative. In the data monitoring center, showing that the number of employees glued to the screen, monitoring the operation of the country more than 4,600 boilers. Just recently, a lack of water in the boiler alarm is triggered, the remote monitoring personnel immediately inform the user of the danger strangled in the cradle. Today, many users are directed at the fast side of good performance and a full range of extended services and choose to buy our boilers.

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