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The origin of the need to regulate and monitor the operation of the medupi power station boiler details condensate: the boiler this Website and keyword, because it is an important site and flagship product, therefore, is to focus on treatment and carried out so as to ensure the product learning outcomes, and at the same time, you can give yourself a full understanding, do not miss any of its knowledge. Then, based on the requirements of this particular study, the following will immediately proceed with the work, which is to explain as follows. 1. boiler, how it is condensed water? Boiler, which condensed water is generated, in general, the process is as follows: boiler during operation, steam is generated by coal-based industrial water and energy, while the heat generated steam, were used for industrial production process. When the heat of the steam is released, its temperature drops condensed, into condensate. 2. After the boiler is installed, before the official start of work, whether there is the need to cook furnace operation? After the boiler is installed, before the official start of work is sure to be boiling out of operation since the purpose of doing so, one will rust and oil in the boiler cleaned, the second is the formation of a protective film inside the boiler thus, delaying the aging rate and extent of the boiler, thus, increase the service life of the boiler.

July 26, 2016, Beijing, China Everbright Paper Co., Ltd. and the company signed a "split 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam medupi power station boiler details contract" by the company responsible for the WNS6-1.25-YQ split condensing gas boiler steam to all production, installation and commissioning work. The product is the use of condensing technology, effective emission of harmful substances SOx, NOx, COx, is industrial boilers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

How gas medupi power station boiler details control operating costs: For enterprises, the control costs, reduce the budget, operational problems when the company is of particular concern. As the power plant boiler operation to promote, in all sectors of the basic necessities of life has its presence. Wherein the gas boiler having a low pollutant emissions and high combustion thermal efficiency, higher safety performance significant advantages, in particular, is widely applied in terms of industrial production and heating systems. In the operation of the gas boiler, from business users can improve combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of the boiler to start to control production costs. There is a critical factor which is sure to choose a powerful boiler manufacturer, to buy a high performance, advanced technology boilers, reducing fuel through the use of gas-fired boiler does not affect the results reached at the premise of lower production the purpose of the cost. The following are recommendations on how to reduce the amount of fuel gas-fired boiler engineer fast boiler given. Condensing flue gas heat recovery system: This system is mainly in the heat out of the exhaust gas boiler is reduced, without affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler itself, reduce gas consumption. Climate compensation system: This system is in accordance with the indoor and outdoor temperature changes do adjust, making the overall gas boiler heating, heat release and building consistent, prevention of indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large. Heating system water balance: heating the average mass of all heat users, using such a system, it is possible to save about 10% of the energy directly. Heating centralized control system: according to the number of thermal load required for the boiler installation, and the heat load between the uniform distribution of the gas boiler, so that all boilers to achieve the best state. This aspect of domestic technology is not mature enough, such as the effect you want to be a better use of imported boiler.

Pakistan customer will setup 300ton CFB medupi power station boiler details in the year of 2017. Serveral days ago, Pakistan customer visited our factory, During discuss about boiler technology and related things, we got know that they want using biomass fuel to heating CFB boilers. They said, sugar cane is their main fuels to burning circulating fluidized bed boiler in his place. As we know from our technicians, they will design a muti-biomass suitable cfb boilers for this customer.

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