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One: what is a fuel-fired steam boiler? Steam boiler is the principle that steam is generated by heating with water and heat is generated by steam in the furnace, mainly by heating water. The design is very user-friendly, simple to operate, easy to use, and very safe. Boilers have a large and small, according to the specific circumstances of the selection of the size.

Boiler safety is what is involved and what the boiler island? Boiler, it will be security risks which, is the need to pay attention to the workers? And, What is the boiler island? In addition, oil-fired boiler, which is typically what oil? These three questions are about the boiler, so the following to answer it, so we have to learn content to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the extent of the boiler. 1. boiler safety problems, mainly what? Boiler may or security risks exist, in general, there are mainly the following, are as follows: (1) boilers, certainly there will be high pressure steam or hot water, so to try to stay away to avoid burns . Further, combustion equipment and boiler hot ash, is a high temperature, therefore, is to be away, they avoid being scalded or burned. (2) in the boiler room, it is possible that dust pollution is serious, and therefore should pay attention to, in order to avoid damage to human health. Also, pay attention to the terms of noise, if there is noise pollution, so as not to make the hearing impaired.

Explosion-proof door configuration is useful for the pressure hot water boiler? Due to the recent frequent accidents boiler, boiler explosion-proof system has therefore not be missing during boiler installation, then, for pressure hot water boiler is concerned, whether it is useful to configure explosion-proof door it? Generally speaking, pressure hot water boiler no pressure, temperature is not so high, will not achieve what conditions explosion formed, therefore, its configuration is optional. However, One thing to note, because the boiler using the actual needs of the site, a lot of pressure hot water boiler would be wrong to use standard pressure, but specific accessories, hardware or standard atmospheric pressure, so often at this time pressure hot water boiler safety performance can not be effectively guaranteed, then it is very prone to the phenomenon of boiler explosion.

PolockGroup Group was founded in 1999, is a famous comprehensive enterprise in Bangladesh, covering many types of machinery, textile, paper and other production and processing equipment. Whether mechanical manufacturing, textile processing or paper products can not do without the help of monotube steam boiler manufacturerss. High quality steam can not only provide mechanical support for producing power; also meet the textile, paper processing disinfection process needs a number of drying, rinsing and the like. The performance of a steam boiler are very good in general can bring qualitative leap for the production.

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