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Notes on the transformation of low nitrogen gas burner municipal solid waste heat boilers commissioning and maintenance of the boiler to avoid combustion air pollution have some time environment, so people will be ordinary boiler has been transformed low nitrogen boiler, in this way good reduce or avoid the harmful substances, but during the process of transformation should also be a degree of commissioning of the gas burner. Specifically, its commissioning and maintenance considerations include the following aspects. First, pay attention when the ignition can not be taken if handled properly when using low nitrogen boilers, gas burners found two consecutive ignition can not succeed, then this time there is an issue, after all, and should stop immediately and conduct a detailed inspection. Repair boiler manufacturers specializing in the production of low nitrogen stressed in particular the gas supply system to see if the problem burner, while the circuit to check for broken wires or the like, after the investigation and the prompt reasons, to be able to ensure that there is no problem re-start. Second, pay attention to prevent a fire or Mars due to the use of low nitrogen when the boiler to use the gas, thus making related to debugging time around can not determine whether there is leakage phenomenon and the like, and therefore must not ignite the fire or even smoke, there is Mars or is the situation as static electricity is very dangerous, likely to cause a fire or explosion, so to put an end to these phenomena. Low nitrogen boiler manufacturers emphasize not smoke or be forced to thrash metal shell are less able to welding or cutting on site, in order to avoid a major accident. Third, note that valve maintenance before failure to valve failure safety measures if a low nitrogen gas supply line and has a boiler under aerobic conditions, then before disassembly and repair should be performed first turn off the main valve to prevent gas leakage and then the main valve pilot valve section of pipe which may be present in a gas vent, and then be able to disassemble and repair. But low nitrogen boiler manufacturer reminder should be noted that even if the body has been emptied, but the pipe wall may still be residual gas or liquid gas ingredients, so making repairs when we must avoid spark or static electricity, so as to avoid any eventuality. These are the transformation to a low-carbon gas burner boiler commissioning and maintenance considerations aspects included, in addition, the process of debugging and repair in the field the tools used must have explosion-proof function. And a professional manufacturer of low nitrogen boiler must be reminded to do for the steam pressure test to check for leaks phenomenon before the burner starts can be determined only after the correct use.

When the characteristics of electric municipal solid waste heat boilerss for home heating four common heating systems electric boiler heating system and electric diaphragm pump are: direct heating systems, directly supplying thermal storage heating system, circulating thermal storage heating systems and indirect heating the heat storage heating system. Xiao Bian now introduce four kinds of electric boiler heating system and electric diaphragm pump features. 1, a direct heating system, also known as the non-regenerative type, suitable for small capacity electric boiler Express furnace, the advantage of a simple system, the cold water directly from the tap water, or water from the water tanks. 2, directly supplying regenerative heating system, suitable for smaller power storage electric boilers, the advantage of a simple pipe system, generally do not feed pump, water, temperature, pressure stable heat storage tank, for transient unlimited amount of hot water electric furnace power supply can meet the multi-point water. 3, circulating regenerative heating system, fast heat boiler for larger electric power, in addition to the advantages provided directly supplying regenerative heating system, also has a large flow loop using an electric heating element facilitate heat dissipation and to prevent bubble stagnation, the system more secure and reliable. 4, indirect heating type heat storage heating system, which is a two-cycle heating system, especially for high hardness of the local water supply. Electric characteristics of a diaphragm pump, without irrigation water, self-absorption capacity of more than 7 meters. 2, good performance, a diameter of 10 mm or less particles, slurry, etc. can be effortlessly through. 3, since the diaphragm and the separating medium is conveyed mechanical transmission member, so that the medium does not leak outside. And the pump itself is no seal, greatly extended service life. Depending on the medium, the diaphragm into chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, fully meet the requirements of different users. 4, small size and light weight: As a result of planetary cycloid transmission structure, so that the small dimension as for pump-type obtained compared with the same type of pump, volume weight decreased by about half. 5, part of the medium flows through the pump, according to user requirements, into cast iron, stainless steel, rubber lined, divided into common motor, explosion-proof type, speed type, the pump is being applied in the following situations. More than four kinds of electric boiler heating system and electric diaphragm pump features, hoping to help you and want to learn more about the boiler, please continue to focus on this site.

To protect the economic development of enterprises, production safety running smoothly, according to Qingyang County in Anhui Chizhou municipal government air pollution control requirements, coal-fired municipal solid waste heat boilers inspection pull the plug on a regular basis in October 2018.

Qingyang County Market Supervisory Authority for the county a number of companies were visited research to understand the company's current production operating conditions and problems, start from regulatory functions, for enterprise development to provide quality services, reduce business costs.

Special equipment boiler pressure is high risk, than a regular inspection cycle must immediately stop using, but they are also necessary for the production of business equipment, once the shutdown enterprises will face shutdown. Looking at business owners anxious eyes and counties actively discussing with the city center expert special inspection, and according to regulations, to quickly determine a set of effective programs and promptly inform each enterprise.

Through contact with the surrounding counties and cities to understand the relevant units of the boiler fuel change fees and counties take the initiative and boiler companies approached agreed upon with the use of rehabilitation programs, a significant reduction in transformation costs. Up to now, Qingyang County has completed 12 boiler fuel change work, the cumulative cost of more than 60 million.

10 ton steam municipal solid waste heat boilers application

In the previous article we have specifically introduced specific information about the 10 ton boiler. We know about the 10 ton boiler model, fuel types, steam pressure, steam temperature and feed water temperature. These also help us recognize the 10 ton boiler application area.

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