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Qiaqia Food adhere to "create quality products, spread happiness taste" for the mission, after two years of concentrated operations, increasingly rich product line gradually improve production management system, and improve product awareness, economic and social benefits increase year by year. 2018, Qiaqia plant selector fast fuel gas steam condensing navy ship boiler explosion for the production of overseas projects. Fast condensing side fuel gas steam boiler with a blue appearance color used, overall nice; also has energy saving, small footprint, easy operation, long life and other advantages. For the convenience of local plant operations, specifically on the fast side of the operation panel adds English and the local language (s) in the production of boiler Shihai contact contact order.

5.This type of navy ship boiler explosion has the features of high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong load adaptability.

20 Ton Oil Fired Boiler Application

20 ton oil fired boiler has a wide application, besides the textile mill, it can also be used in paper mill, brewery, food processing, brewery, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, hotel, hospital, school and many other fields.

Boiler is the driving force must be used in all walks of life, its original functional advantages, the integrated use of a large number. But in recent years, with increasingly stringent import requirements of China's environmental protection and advanced technology, meaning the value of modern low nitrogen navy ship boiler explosion has been further improved, new technology low nitrogen gas boiler on the basis of the original, not only to better meet use and environmental requirements, and compared to the re-purchase of new boilers in the comprehensive cost advantages; more and more gas-fired boiler units are selected using low nitrogen transformation technology is more mature boiler manufacturers to transform paper on the use of transformation the need to make a specific analysis of the content.

Boiler Frequency fan system is how to achieve energy-saving navy ship boiler explosion respond positively to national policy, has introduced energy-saving boiler, its good energy saving effect by the majority of customers, not only as the old customers, but also continue to introduce us to new customers, which is the boiler equipped good reputation of the results, we focus on brand building, to provide customers with more high-quality energy-saving boiler constantly, constantly new surprises to customers, to attract more customers to the heart, in the fierce competition in the boiler industry, with excellent product and improve the service to create the first brand boiler, it is our vision and our direction. Today you talk about boiler fan frequency conversion system it is how to achieve energy saving. Boiler fan system is the use of variable frequency, such a system there is an important feature of the system than the average, which is the key to achieving energy conservation. Frequency inverter fan system mounted in the control cabinet, the boiler is controlled by its energy fan operation. Oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors mounted flue outlet We also energy boiler, the role of the sensor is to detect data transmission to the controller, the controller receives the data and theoretical data were analyzed, if the carbon monoxide emissions than theoretical value, the oxygen content is lower than the theoretical value, indicating that no complete combustion of the fuel, need more oxygen, a more intensive mixing, with these data as a basis to control the amount of air blowing through the system. Since the fan is boiler operating frequency, which can reduce power consumption, this energy-saving effect is quite significant. More important thing is to achieve savings of natural gas, because the inverter fan to solve the problem of incomplete combustion of natural gas, reducing unnecessary fuel waste. Air unburned gas emissions on the environment will have a certain degree of pollution, make people reach a certain concentration of suffocation, even dangerous boiler room explosion will occur. These problems can be solved by the inverter fan system, while improving environmental performance. Boiler installation inverter fan system, greatly improving the energy saving effect of energy-saving boiler, is your good choice, you are welcome to come to buy.

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