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According to statistics, Zhejiang Province, coal consumption totaled 145.91 million tons, accounting for 56.8% of primary energy consumption in the province. Although after careful environmental management, but the main coal-dominated energy consumption remains high in the province's total emissions of air pollutants. In the "Zhejiang Air Pollution Control Action Plan (2013-2017)" issued in December 2013, the coal-fired pollution control remains a top priority.

According to "Zhejiang low-carbon development" Thirteen Five "plan", as of 2020, the province's proportion of non-fossil energy sources will be increased to about 20%, the proportion of the total coal consumption should be reduced to around 42%.

June 15 this year, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group ironworks blast furnace in the chimney successful blasting, declared the "three noes" no way to urban development of Hangzhou steel companies, no coal-fired generating units, there is no standard yellow car.

To control pollution from coal-fired source, Zhejiang Province, facing elimination from the transformation of the boiler parties policy, funding, pricing, comprehensive resources supporting the work in 2015, 2016, 2017 were given every right out of steam coal-fired boilers tons 15,000 yuan, 12,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan subsidy funds.

To eliminate 10 tons of steam / hour of coal-fired boilers, in October 2014, Zhuji City, party and government "leaders" personally took, within three months, through the introduction of reward and subsidy standards, regular assessment and other measures, the city's 1964 stage production behind coal-fired boiler demolition 1508 units, 390 units to natural gas or electricity, and the rest use biomass fuel, gas tank or centralized heating, completed the task of transformation. It is estimated that, this year more than 500 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.

After a clear goal, the province's coal-fired boiler (kiln) transformation to accelerate out of the furnace. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, Zhejiang Province eliminate small coal-fired boilers 6200 Taiwan, has completed 77.5% of the annual task of eliminating.

Fault analysis of new design electric hot water boiler for tea feed pumps and excluded from analysis (1) electric water pump motor to overheat and exclusion for the use of motor-driven feedwater pump is concerned, the most common failure is the motor overheating. Cause overheating of the motor is mainly due to high or low voltage, drive poor ventilation system failure or malfunction caused by overheating of the motor unit. Cause serious overheating of the motor insulation burned, where the occurrence of broken rotor bars and the like. Thus, overheating of the motor should be found in the use of pneumatic power to other ways, for downtime. Motor voltage causes overheating of the motor supply system to deal with checks, to resolve the boiler feed pump motor overheating fault by restoring stable power supply. In addition to poor transmission can also cause motor overheating due to motor and cause motor load is too large to poor transmission between the pump, the phenomenon of a small horse-drawn carts, motor overload is temperature. Such a situation must be timely maintenance, resulting in unit failure. The traditional system of the motor and pump to conduct a thorough investigation, the traditional poor common mainly due to lack of oil transmission system rotating bearing, bearing damage and other causes. Where to find the point of failure can be replaced or lubricated. One of the most common fault caused due to motor overheating when the same subsystem failure, which is mainly due to the damage to the fan, ventilation duct blockage, bearing wear and other reasons that the ventilation system can not complete the work to be undertaken, resulting in motor overheating, serious will burn coil. Such a situation must be by one investigation to find out the cause of the malfunction, unobstructed ventilation duct, fan repair, replacement of bearings can solve the problem. (2) feed pump pump pump overheated boiler feed pump overheated common reason is due to the damage caused by the bearing friction caused by or due to lack of oil lubrication system, oil is not good cause. Thus the pump after the pump was found to overheating should first check the lubrication system is short of oil or lubricating oil containing impurities, followed by investigation bearing damage. For just overheating should also check the rolling bearing of the carriage through the access cover is pump gap is too small. After the inspection the pump shaft still fever should check whether the two-axis bending or misalignment, while checking the balance of the impeller, a two-axis adjusting shaft or concentricity adjustment, remove the impeller balance holes, in order to ensure the rotation of the impeller shaft balance, troubleshooting. The main reason (3) boiler feed pump flow is insufficient boiler feed pump flow rate of the main pump leaves damage, causing pipe blockage or leak. For the use of belt driven water pump also consider whether due to belt slippage caused by the low speed caused by insufficient flow. After checking the investigation belt line, plug the leak at the still insufficient flow impeller should consider whether there is damage. Check the wheel bearings and other parts for lubrication, bearing lubrication to avoid damage caused by poor or lack of speed caused by insufficient flow. 2, boiler feed pump system vibration Trouble boiler feed pump system failure will result in bearing cases inadequate flow, heat pump, dysfunctional and so on, one of the causes of the failure was due to lack of oil lubrication or oil containing impurities cause should on the one hand the unit can also cause an increase in bearing vibration system failure. Pump shock to the system over the General Assembly have an important impact on the security of the entire crew of a serious threat to the security and stability of operation of the unit, and excessive vibration has an important impact on the unit, so the unit basis. In UNITS excessive vibration occurs mainly due to the motor shaft or rotor shaft deformation, damage and bearing mount fixing bolt loosening. After the unit appeared excessive vibration, the bolts should first check whether the firm fixing base, followed by rotation of overheating see whether poor bearing parts, etc. occurs. As the case may be determined over the line of the vibration caused is too large damage to the bearing. After the exclusion of other reasons for vibration still it may be considered to be the motor shaft or rotor shaft deformation caused by excessive vibration. A motor shaft or rotor shaft modification mostly temporary deformation due to the bearing portion causes local deformation unit damage due to overheating. After the shutdown temperature can be balanced deformation can disappear.

Hot water new design electric hot water boiler for teas are classified according to what conditions according to different hot water boiler fuel can be divided into electric water boilers, hot water boiler fuel, gas hot water boiler, coal-fired hot water boiler; can be divided according to whether atmospheric pressure and two kinds of hot water boiler pressure hot water boilers, hot water boilers we usually call refers to the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, due to its safe operation, people bathing or heating largely adopted this pressure hot water boiler. 1, the tubular assembly Computerized water boiler controller, all the functions are stored on a smart chip, intelligent, digital boiler, automatic, user-friendly, intelligent control of boiler water, water reaches the automatic stop heating; large-screen font temperature, boiler water temperature at a glance. 2, boiler water temperature can be freely set from 10 deg.] C to 100 deg.] C, the boiler can supply both hot water bath can provide water for drinking, may be a dual oven. 3, the top of the furnace through the air opening is provided, the boiler is in an unpressurised state, there is no danger of explosion, while the machine is equipped with thermal protection (ultra-high-temperature furnace during the heating tube buzzer alarm and automatically stop working, secondary overheat protection (boiler housing temperature exceeds 105 deg.] C, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), anti-dry water protection (when the furnace is less than the water level is very low, the boiler is stopped and an alarm beep), etc. .2 number of security, pot such hot water boiler drum cartridge type hot water boiler, early mostly modified from a steam boiler made, which in the case of boiler water within a boiler of natural circulation. in order to ensure safe and reliable boiler water cycle, the boiler requires to have a certain height, so such larger boiler, steel consumption, and the cost is relatively increased. However, since this type of boiler capacity and can maintain the natural water cycle, when the system pump is suddenly stopped, the pot can be effectively prevented vaporization of water. it is also for this reason natural circulation hot water boiler in our rapid development.

Use A-class new design electric hot water boiler for tea manufacturers of small electric steam boiler uses small electric steam boiler steam boiler steam boiler electric steam boiler electric steam boiler: Yongxing boiler - designated national, A-level qualifications, professional supplier of electric steam boilers, gas boilers, coal-fired steam boilers, biomass steam boiler. Kinds of environmental protection steam boiler. Boiler types: electric boilers, electric steam boilers. Consulting can leave a message or direct phone consultation. What are the advantages of small electric steam boilers that? One. When the electric steam boiler leak hazard, the boiler controller automatically cut off power supply to avoid electrical shock. 2. Automatic water supply function: When the water in the boiler is lower than the safety level, the automatic stop heating the heating tube to prevent damage caused by dry combustion and ignites the indicator water; III. Typically, cable is connected between the ground and well grounded. When the boiler steam pressure exceeds a set limit pressure relief valve start and release the steam to reduce the pressure. four. Overcurrent protection: When the boiler overload (high pressure), earth leakage circuit breaker is automatically disconnected. 6. The vapor pressure of the small electric steam boiler with a variety of specifications, the power of the select electric steam boiler; 7. Electric steam boiler is electric energy, no noise, no pollution, no emissions of environmental protection products. 8. A steam boiler is heated by a small electric power control, ease of installation and matching, large boiler (500Kg) of the furnace is prevented and the control electronics electronic control portion of the furnace affected. High temperatures, to ensure stable operation. 9. The boiler temperature by automatic control cabinet. Insulation and electric heating control technology, the thermal efficiency of 97%. ten. Boiler advanced electrical controller having a computer boiler reliable performance, high degree of automation, easy operation. Using the electrical components to ensure high quality of production. Life products. Small electric heating steam boiler 1. The boiler performance characteristics of the boiler furnace using steel pressure vessel, the longitudinal and circumferential weld furnace automatic welding, and X-ray detection. Small furnace and electrical integration, easy installation. To prevent the effects of high temperature on the electronic control section, and to ensure stable operation of the electronic control device. 2. The JB / 2379-93 standards and technical requirements of the metal pipe heating element, a low load heating surface of the heating element. Thick stainless steel high electric wire outer tube, the inner tube is filled with the high purity magnesium oxide, electrically heated tubes and long service life. Each heating element has a flange, simple structure, high mechanical strength, safety and reliability, can be replaced. And convenient. 3. Compact, scientific and rational design, advanced manufacturing technology enables the boiler space is small, easy to transport, saving the use of space. four. Intelligent automatic control technology, without duty. Flexible and can be set to manual or automatic mode. 5. Set the boiler automatic operation time period, day provided several different duty cycles, the boiler is heated in each group sharing start automatically cut off the heating cycle and into the group. Contacting all use the same frequency and time, improve the life of the device. 6. The electric heating steam boiler controller can automatically control, tracking and calculating pressure. When the load changes, it can automatically start and stop the pump and to electric heating, can also be manually controlled. control. Seven. Full protection, leakage protection, water protection, ground fault protection, steam overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, power protection, the boiler automatic protection, security. Full home. 8. No noise, no pollution, high thermal efficiency. High quality and efficient boiler heat insulation materials, low heat dissipation, energy saving. 9. Boiler packaging design using well-known color plate, elegant appearance, easy to rust. Small electric steam boiler - Boiler power plant with procurement requirements

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